Speak Up

Stain on America

What a joke! Trump stages a well-scripted cabinet gathering to tell everyone that he is fixing the flawed policy of separating children from their asylum-seeking parents, when all he did was take credit for something he didn’t fix, but actually caused.

Watching it on TV was enough to make me sick. He just wanted praise and he wanted it live on TV so his supporters could see how great he was. Too bad, Trump. This immoral act will forever taint you and will leave a legacy of shame on the United States for decades.

Sue Ann Campbell, Cutler Bay

Brave governors

A heartfelt bravo to the governors who are taking a stand against President Trump’s inhumane policy of separating children and families at the southern border.

The Democratic and Republican governors from Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania have stated their refusal to send National Guard troops to the border.

The opposition from each governor is a ray of compassion and hope for these immigrant families.

Connie Goodman-Milone, Miami

Bell is tolling

Clear as a bell, this administration has engaged in kidnapping and extortion.

If I took my neighbor’s kid and locked him up in a dog cage because he’d walked into my yard, and then refused to return him to his home until my neighbor built a fence, I’d be in jail right quick.

Begin impeachment. This nightmare has gone too far.

Meg Livergood Gerrish, Palmetto Bay


One would think ordering thousands of children to be kidnapped and holding them for ransom would qualify as an impeachable offense.

Jeffrey R. Roth, Kendall

An act of terrorism

When a government resorts to repressive and inhumane actions against civilians, it conducts acts of terror. Ripping families apart, ostensibly to “protect the nation” and prevent an “infestation” of illegal immigrants, who, ironically, are entering a nation of immigrants, is an act of terrorism.

It is time for the world community to declare President Trump, and the current government of the United States, sponsors of terrorism.

Wake up, America! Today, the Statue of Liberty hangs its head in shame and sorrow as this president, and his supporters, betray and make a mockery out of the words inscribed at her feet.

“Give me you tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” does not define our country anymore.

Vicente E. Arrebola, Coral Gables

Wake up, America!

Why is America waging a war on children?

What kind of people are we? What has happened to our nation? During the Cold War, we gave refuge to those fleeing for their lives. Today, we tear children from their parents, their sisters and brothers, and imprison them in camps. We defend U.S. policy by saying it is the “Christian” thing to do; so much for the Good Samaritan!

When did we decide that U.S. taxpayers would pay for a border wall? Now, innocent children are a bargaining chip for that wall. And, who is profiting from the contracts to rent or build these camps?

What happened to American respect for human rights? Shall we give back the Statue of Liberty? Gosh, I’m glad my Irish ancestors made it through the door. Wake up, America!

Think, the next time you sing God Bless America, which was written by an immigrant.

Maureen Dinnen, Fort Lauderdale

Gov. Scott’s plot

Once again, Rick Scott is smack in the middle of a horrific violation of human rights and abuse of tax payer dollars. The deal he cut with Comprehensive Health Services was bad enough before these kids were imprisoned against their will, victims of kidnapping in a dastardly plot devised by our ruthless, unscrupulous president and his Naziesque aide, Stephen Miller.

There was no valid reason to take these children from their parents except the Trump administration recently decided to criminalize illegal entry into this country, which was previously a misdemeanor. If illegal immigration was truly the administration’s concern, they would have deported them as a family, but it is clear this twisted plot was designed to enrich the corporate donors of our greedy, self-serving legislators, the private prison industry, and the medical divisions servicing them.

To complicate this nightmare, the Homestead facility is grossly understaffed. A quick look at the 62 job postings on the company’s web site confirms this.

Scott, as an attorney, knows these kids are being held illegally and without due process or habeas corpus. In fact, if he gave a damn about these kids, he would have demanded Sen. Nelson be given access to them immediately. Rick Scott is a public menace!

Tammy Lettieri, Coconut Grove

Just like Auschwitz

Immigrant children’s detention centers surrounded by not one, but two rows of chain link fence.

Why not electrify the fence, put the phrase “El Trabajo Te Libera” (work sets you free) over the gate, and rent out the children as farm labor — then the image will be complete.

H. Allan Tucker, Hollywood

Poor Americans last

Re the June 18 front page story, “Florida Influencers rank inequality and education as the most pressing 2018 election issues.”

How many impoverished Americans know that Trump’s proposed 2019 budget screws them? How many know that Trump wants huge cuts to their subsidized housing, health care and food stamp programs to pay for his massive tax cuts to the rich? These safety nets for the poorest are essential to daily living, and for many, are footholds toward better education and jobs.

Nevertheless, poor Americans are sorely underrepresented at the polls. Many don’t know why they should register and vote, many don’t know how to register and vote, many feel that the system is rigged for the rich and that their vote won’t make a difference, and many are so overwhelmed by daily life that voting is too burdensome and complicated.

We must change this immediately through massive grass root voter registration and voting drives that target, educate and motivate the poor, followed by legislation that simplifies voting so that impoverished Americans have their fair share of representation at the polls and vote in their best interests.

Arthur Pitchenik, Miami

Trump’s base

Ninety one percent of Democrats oppose the president’s zero-tolerance on immigration. Meanwhile, 58 percent of Republicans support it. Maybe Hillary Clinton was right when she said Trump supporters were deplorable.

Larry Sucher, Miami