Speak Up

Immoral policy

Migrant families on our southern border who are escaping violence and persecution in their homeland are being routinely separated in the name of our security. This policy is immoral and has already had tragic consequences. Is there no recourse for stopping this disregard for human dignity and family?

Sister Lucy Cardet, Miami Shores

Blame game

Trump blames the Democrats for separating parents from their children at the border. Shortly thereafter, he indicates that he is going to meet with Republicans to discuss the problem. If the Democrats are the problem, why is he not meeting with the Democrats in order to work out a solution?

That is because the Democrats are not the problem; that is fake news. He is the problem, and he handles all problems that he creates the same way: by blaming others.

What a sorry state of affairs he has placed our country in.

Bruce Hartman, Kendall

FIU’s arrogance

As details emerge of the underlying design flaws that led to the collapse of the FIU pedestrian bridge in March, the bridge emerges as a metaphor for the grandiosity, arrogance and hubris of the university administration’s attempt to annex the Miami Dade Fair grounds.

But beyond the arrogance, one must note the stupidity of thinking that students would be spending “dwell time” on their computers in the sweltering heat, deafening noise, and suffocating air pollution posed above a major highway. The community deserves better leadership in charge of its public university.

Martin Motes, Redland

Detours ahead

Once again, the Republican Congress has launched not one, but two new deflections, disguised as investigations. One, on the Inspector General Report, and another renewal of the Clinton e-mails. Next week, maybe, another Benghazi hearing?

Rather than hold Emperor Trump’s feet to the fire, they flame the fires that may well bring down, or seriously damage, what remains of our democracy.

Paul Saluk, Pembroke Pines

Voter’s dilemma

As a lifelong Republican, I am at an impasse. Come November, I would love to vote for Rick Scott for U.S. Senate. However, there is one problem with his candidacy. I and others disagree with his continued opposition to medical cannabis.

Floridians have spoken with the largest vote in history in support of medical cannabis, yet Gov. Scott and his office continue to oppose the will of the constituents.

The fact that the state banned smoking as a method of ingestion is unconstitutional and goes against the intent of Amendment 2. The most common method of ingestion is through smoke inhalation. Patients with specific ailments rely on this method for the fastest relief and most beneficial medical effects.

Once an elected official fails to represent the will of the constituents, they fail to do their job. Scott should reconsider his stance. The outcome of the race may very well depend on it. Continue to ignore Florida voters, and more moderate Republicans who support patient rights will have no choice but to stay home on election day. I have never missed an election.

We cannot afford to lose this Senate seat. It’s all up to Scott!

Jordan F. White, Delray Beach

A bad dream

Am I having a nightmare and will I awake in the morning?

I am an old woman, born in the 20th century, whose parents were born in the 19th century. I am an active 94-year-old and glad to have survived into the 21st century.

When did we learn of babies being pulled from their mother’s arms? It was done routinely before the Civil War, and then again by the Hitler regime during the Holocaust.

Trump suggests these people seeking asylum are animals. I say he is the beast!

Constance Carter, Lauderhill

No excuses

The U.S.A. refused to accept the excuse, “I was just carrying out orders” when we brought Nazis to trial after WWII. Why can’t Border Patrol agents say, “This is inhumane!” and refuse to carry out the orders to separate children from their parents?

Merri Mann, Miami Beach

Insult to veterans

I have never been so incensed as when I saw Trump saluting an enemy general and smiling. This is an affront to every service member who ever served this nation, and worse to every Korean War veteran.

The coward and buffoon-in-chief is too ignorant and stupid to learn the traditions and practices of the services his office commands. You never salute an enemy!

I thought it was shameful and an insult to every Purple Heart recipient when an old fool offered Trump his Purple Heart medal. An honorable man would have thanked the fool but refused to accept the medal, which became meaningless when Trump took it. The coward-in-chief has no honor.

What’s even more disgraceful is the inaction of all Republican service members who remain silent; Mattis, Kelly, and Pompeo should have immediately resigned if they still had honor, but apparently kissing up to Trump has stripped them of any honor they may have once possessed.

This is incredibly sad and disgraceful and is proof this nation is deteriorating badly and may require generations to rise again.

M. L. Stein, Williston

Piccadilly’s comfort

Re the June 16 article, “Piccadilly cafeteria There’s only one left in South Florida. Here’s why you should go.” Piccadilly was always one of my favorite places growing up and I have unforgettable memories there with my parents, sister and grandmother.

I assumed all of the Piccadilly Cafeterias were closed until I read the Herald article. I immediately got in my car with my mom and children and drove up to Hollywood for a delicious lunch, including my favorite carrot soufflé, which was not only written about but also photographed in the article!

It was extra special being there with my two children for the first time. No restaurant in the world has fresh vegetables like Piccadilly.

I thank the Miami Herald for calling the attention to the best cafeteria! You made our weekend extra special and delicious!

Tracy Towle Humphrey, Miami

Repaint the lanes

It’s amazing to me that we continue to build new roads, when we don’t take care of the ones we have. I travel around Dade County and can barely see the white lane lines on a good day. When it rains, they become invisible! When are we going to take action on this situation?

I’m also wondering when turn signals became an option. I must have missed that memo.

Dorothy Dickhut, West Kendall