Speak Up

Pink islands

Re the May 29 story, “Christo dressed up islands in hot pink 35 years ago, and changed Miami forever.”

Christo’s Surrounded Islands were indeed one of the best things that ever happened to Miami. It helped put us on the international map. Shame on all those nearsighted people and elected leaders who tried so hard to prevent this glorious art installation from taking place.

At the time, I was living at the Clipper Condos on Biscayne Bay and 69th street. Had a great view of the nearest island. Some of my neighbors and I decided to get a closer look, so we drove to 79th Street behind WSVN TV to visit the embarkation area. We were taken by boat and had front row seats of one of the glorious installations. Upon our return to land, we were shown the pink woven material and offered swatches. I think I attached a piece of the material to a poster and framed it. I suspect it ended up with the ex-girlfriend.

I also vaguely recall a story about where the tons of pink material ended up. Christo was adamant about disposing of it. I heard it was sent to Mount Trashmore in South Dade.

Harry Emilio Gottlieb, Coconut Grove

How did it feel?

I served my time in the military. I wonder if President Trump felt a twinge of consciousness when he placed a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, since he shirked his duty, supposedly for bone spurs, to serve. Just wondering.

Ray Turner, Kendall

Kudos to Rosenberg

We congratulate Carol Rosenberg for receiving the prestigious Silver Gavel award from the American Bar Association for her courageous reporting from Guantanamo.

We also pay tribute to the Miami Herald for its dedicated, objective and thorough coverage of both the camps and military tribunals housed on the Naval base at Guantanamo, Cuba. As far as we can tell, the Herald is the only mainstream media outlet paying close attention to the events at Guantanamo.

As mother of a victim of the attacks of 9/11/01, I am especially concerned about violations of human rights and the U.S. Constitution occurring at Guantanamo in the names of those we lost. I closely follow news from the naval base and have had opportunities to observe the tribunals as well, which the general public has no access to. In addition to her reporting, we value Rosenberg’s minute-by-minute tweets during hearings on all cases before the military.

We rely heavily on the Miami Herald and Rosenberg for the truth about the important issues covered — issues that are crucial to our democracy.

Phyllis Rodriguez,

September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows,

White Plains, New York

I’m available!

After reading the May 27 article, “Hurricane chief has no experience, but what he does have is Scott’s trust,” regarding Wes Maul, the director of Florida’s Division of Emergency Management, and his absolute lack of experience for such an onerous position, I would like to apply for the head position at NASA.

I do not know Governor Scott personally, although I did see him once at a restaurant. That should be enough to qualify for the job. Apparently, it was enough for Maul. What’s good for the goose...

Monica Harvey, Miami Shores

Hire a crony

I guess Governor Scott doesn’t remember President George W. Bush appointing Michael D. Brown to head FEMA in 2005 before Hurricane Katrina. Bush said, “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.” Less than 10 days later, Brown resigned in failure.

Would you hire a mechanic with no experience to repair your car, or a surgeon with no experience when your life is on the line? Many lives may be on the line this hurricane season.

So, Governor Scott, another billionaire businessman, appoints a crony to protect us this hurricane season. Is this good business?

Tom Comerford, Pompano Beach

Eyes on what?

President Trump might think he alone can broker a peace deal with North Korea without the help of our allies when other administrations have failed.

Then, he cancels the summit, without informing our allies China, Japan and South Korea. We need to bring these allies to the table as the only acceptable path forward.

However, we have to be very concerned that in this quest for the Nobel Peace Prize, Trump does not concede not only the penalties against ZTE Corp. but also the South China Seas in the process.

Rosa Maria Hanchett, Coral Gables

Vote Democrat

When our Founding Fathers created a republic with the people being sovereign, they had enough faith in a yet to be elected bicameral congress that the Judicial branch of the new government was left to legislators' good judgment.

What the framers could not have imagined was a majority of our states’ representatives being cowards and unwilling to talk truth to power. Of all the checks and balances, nothing was as important to limiting the chief executive’s abuse of power as impeachment. Voting an official out of office is preferable, but the threat of impeachment must be on the table.

As a decades-long registered Republican, I am asking my fellow Americans to elect Democrats in November, probably the most important midterms in decades, to restore this vital check on our executive branch.

Steven P. Willis, Coral Springs

Lesson in cruelty

Re the May 17 story about the Ocala teacher who drowned two raccoons and an opossum as a class lesson.

I don’t know who will walk into a classroom with a gun first; the teacher or the student who thought it was funny.

Charles Girtman, Coral Gables

Chivalry lives

On a Friday in North Miami Beach, this little, white-haired old lady (me) was trying to cross 19th avenue on foot. After checking traffic, I gingerly stepped off the curb. A young man, a passenger in a white car waiting to make a left turn, jumped out, offered me his hand and proceeded to help me safely across the street!

I thanked him profusely but there was no time to get his name or car license number. Just amazing that random kindness and caring still exists — even from a perfect stranger!

I’m still smiling.

Emily Grunwald, North Miami Beach

Sound the alarm

Rational people fully understand the danger of shouting “fire” in a crowded theater. But with respect to Trump’s abominable behavior in the White House, the Congress of the United States should be able to smell the smoke and see the flames emanating from behind the theater screen and pull the fire alarm.

Charles E. Hannemann, Palmetto Bay