Speak Up

Yes to the mega mall

I have lived in Miami for a number of decades and every time some good business person or group wants to do something to improve our economy, we get all the downers out.

We need the new mega mall. We cannot go back in time to the ’50s and ’60s.

I have seen Miami grow from a small town to an international gateway.

I am in the title business and deal with people from all over the world. They all love Miami, yearn to live here, invest here and be part of us. The word Miami is a magic word around the world.

Yes, we will have more traffic. We are used to this because of growth in the past and will get used to it in the future. But think of what this will do for our economy, during construction and when completed. There will be jobs, jobs, jobs, and not all will be minimum wage.

The mega mall should be applauded and built quickly so that we can all enjoy it.

Philip Goldin,

Miami Beach

Wenski: March for Life

At this year’s March for Life, President Trump told participants, “You love every child, born and unborn, because you believe that every life is sacred, that every child is a precious gift from God.” At the same time, the president praised the pro-life movement for its work “to build a society where life is celebrated, protected and cherished.”

In recent changes to policies, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has defied both the letter and spirit of the president’s words. ICE has ended a long-honored and sensible practice of the presumptive release of pregnant women in detention and now detains them indefinitely.

Absent extraordinary circumstances, pregnant women should not be forced to face the stress, trauma and inadequate care in detention facilities while awaiting what are civil, and not criminal, proceedings. To imperil the lives of unborn babies in order to punish their mothers is bad policy; it is cruel and anti-life.

Detaining a pregnant woman puts her pregnancy and the well-being of her unborn child at risk. The failure to receive proper nutrition during pregnancy or treatment for health conditions that contribute to poor pregnancy outcomes exacts great human costs.

Such detention also is costly to taxpayers especially since many are held in private “for profit” prisons contracted to detain immigrants. How can ICE or the Administration rely on these corporations, whose business is to make a profit, to provide adequate prenatal care?

As President Trump has said, “Every life is sacred.” This policy change by ICE suggests that some lives are less sacred than others. Subjecting pregnant women and their unborn children to the ordeal of being jailed contradicts President Trump’s pro-life and pro-family stances. The president should instruct ICE to reverse course.

Archbishop Thomas Wenski,

Miami Shores

NFL takes a knee

I am disgusted with all the plantation owners/NFL owners not allowing their players the right to take a knee as any American should be able to do.

This is the United States, the greatest democracy that the world has ever seen. We, as free Americans, have the right to stand, sit, kneel or whatever, when the national anthem is playing. This is not Russia, North Korea or any other despotic dictatorship.

Solution: Taking a knee is not an insult to anyone or anything. It is the right of all American citizens to make their individual choices

Beat them at their own game.

Take a knee, bow your head, put your hands together as in prayer, and then let’s see what these righteous demagogues say. This is the right of any free people.

Anthony Tedesco,


Yes, it’s a slur

Regarding Sid Morris’ letter about a local judge being suspending for using the word “moolie.”

He said he never heard of this word, nor did others he questioned.

This is a word that Italians use, and it is short for “Moulinyan.”

Apparently, Morris never watched “The Sopranos.” This is a word that Tony Soprano called Meadow’s boyfriend who was African American.

And yes, it’s absolutely a racial slur!

Marcy Russillo,


It’s old news

Re the May 27 story “How a dispute over stationery turned this mayor’s tenure into ‘a Greek tragedy.’:” As mayor of North Bay Village, I was disappointed to see the Miami Herald rehashing old controversy instead of providing coverage of what’s happening now in our community.

The article is entirely old news, with a slant toward the sensational. It covered the trials and tribulations of what was once the norm in North Bay Village, but is no longer.

Anyone reading the article may have difficulty knowing it.

Where is the coverage of the village’s recent acquisition of waterfront land with income-producing potential and to build a new town hall and community center?

Where was the Herald’s coverage when we hired a new police chief with exceptional credentials? Where is the coverage of all infrastructure upgrades and initiatives to move the Village forward?

The article missing the context of the positive changes our residents are beginning to see under new administrative leadership.

Connie Leon-Kreps,


North Bay Village

Let up, Pitts

Columnist Leonard Pitts continues to complain about, and totally disparage, white people going back hundreds of years.

His specialty is slavery and the barbaric acts that took place then.

He constantly extrapolates those atrocities to today’s white society trying to tie that to today.

Now he’s dissing Christians in Oregon.

What’s next for him to rail about? Unborn babies?

Buddy Newman,

Coral Gables

Ostracized killers

Kai Koerber’s May 23 oped piece, “At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, I saw how the mental problems of a fellow student turned him into a killing monster,” may turn out to be a tool to help solve the problem he is addressing.

I graduated from high school in 1946, but I can still tell you who was in the “intellectual” group, who was in the “social” group,” who was in the “athletic” group, who were the bullies and who were the shy and withdrawn.

I can also tell you who was ostracized by all of those groups. Perhaps, if Koerber’s article were read to a class, and the students were then asked to place all class members in one or more of those groups, the teacher would be better informed and know who to watch for signs of anti-social behavior or slipping off the deep end.

If it worked only once somewhere in the country, we would have averted that particular disaster in the making.

Arnold Slotkin,