Speak Up

Royal wedding

Prince Harry married American actress Meghan Markle in the most beautiful fairy-tale Royal Wedding. It was known as the “Wedding of the Century.”

My favorite parts about the wedding were seeing Meghan dressed in the most beautiful wedding dress; and the Rev. Michael Curry of Chicago, giving a stirring wedding sermon.

Congratulations to the couple.

Paul Bacon, Hallandale Beach

Asylum Seekers

The May 11 guest editorial from the Washington Post, “There’s no excuse for separating migrants from kids,” expresses justifiable compassion for the foreigners, some with children, now at our southern border seeking asylum from alleged adversity in their home countries; but it failed to question why their journey to find sanctuary did not end in Mexico.

More than 1,000 left their home countries in Central America to seek sanctuary elsewhere and trekked northward as a caravan of people into Mexico. Many eventually broke journey there to seek asylum from Mexico, or to return home. But hundreds persisted onward to the U.S. and are now camped out on the border separating Mexico from California.

A long standing principle of international asylum law requires migrants to seek asylum in the “first safe country” reached. That’s ordinarily a country close by; here, even after excluding most Central American countries, that would be Mexico. Those who made the long trek to the U.S., obviously their asylum country of choice, thereby belied any immediate safety for themselves and their children.

That’s why Attorney General Sessions will be arresting those crossing our country’s border without having sought asylum status from Mexico (or from us at our U.S. Embassy there or anywhere else).

If kids get separated from their parents in the process, that’s solely on the trespassing parents. They’ll have a hard time proving they’re valid asylum seekers and not just more illegal immigrants shopping here for a better economic life than in their home countries or Mexico.

John A. Lanzetta, Miami

Meek senators

Re the May 16 article, “At lunch with Trump, GOP senators decline to bring up aide’s remark about McCain.”

How convenient for senators leaving the above luncheon to sound off to the press about their displeasure that no apologies have come forth regarding the heartless comment by Kelly Sadler, “He’s dying anyway,” speaking of Arizona Senator John McCain.

Senator John Neely Kennedy, of Louisiana, said, “It was unconscionable. I think everyone involved should apologize.”

Senator Mike Rounds, of South Dakota, said, “But I can tell you I think the vast majority of Americans would say John McCain deserves our respect, and that’s from the top to the bottom.”

The senators used the fact that the meeting was a “policy” luncheon. Their boosting boasting? to the press of their moral righteousness in deploring the comment, juxtaposed to a cowardly avoidance to offer displeasure to the man who truly needed to hear it, reeks of a reptilian advance to the November elections — pure politics when clearly, they should have stood up for their colleague.

And, shouldn’t a policy meeting be the perfect place to advance the idea the administration needs to address apologies for indecent comments that have no place in respectable governance?

Unlike McCain’s tortured incarceration, our senators are hostages without backbones collecting big fat pay and benefits.

Full disclosure: I am not a registered Democrat nor a Vietnam vet.

Bob Madge, Cooper City

Network revisited

Recently, after getting a daily dose of what our president calls “fake” news from CNN, I was reminded of the film classic “Network,” released in 1976.

The late Peter Finch will always be remembered in this film for his searing monologues as Howard Beale, unhinged anchorman for the fictional TV network UBS.

(“I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore.”) In his monologues, Beale warns viewers that the main goal of TV news is high ratings — not reporting objective truth.

Both misinformation and disinformation have become the norm. Misinformation is the result of sloppy, lazy, or nonexistent fact checking. Disinformation is the intentional distortion of objective truth, or what Kellyanne Conway has characterized as “alternative facts.”

In one of his monologues, Beale informs viewers that less than 3 percent of Americans read books. Less than 15 percent read newspapers.

The implication is ominously clear. A lack of critical thinking and illiteracy lead to dictatorship and totalitarianism (“I love poorly educated people” - Donald Trump)

The most outrageous and scary attribute of “Network” is that it doesn't seem so outrageous today in Trumpworld, which features shock-jock politicians and so-called reality TV shows.

Arthur Hirshorn,


Collaborative effort

I appreciate the collaboration of the editorial boards of South Florida’s newspapers, the Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel and Palm Beach Post, addressing the critical issue of climate change and sea level rise for our state.

I hope that all three newspapers will commit to not endorse any candidate for office, whether for Congress, the Legislature or any municipal offices, who has not demonstrated (over the course of previous service or during his or her campaign) an understanding of the challenges we face, from climate change and a commitment to work and vote in accordance with scientific evidence to plan for the future of this state and this country.

Dianne Walsh, Miami

Gun referendum

With all the gun violence going on in our country, especially in our schools, I think we are in need of a national referendum on the subject.

We could let the voting public weigh in, with a November questionnaire. The questions would have to be well thought out.

The results of the referendum could be used by our politicians to enact needed gun control legislation. We have to let our national leaders know how we feel about gun violence. Please give us a referendum.

Fred Robertson, Sunrise

Seeking cover

Miami Beach would benefit from covered bus stops that would protect the tourists and its residents from the blazing sun and the rain.

Hopefully city officials will consider it.

Hanne Metzger, Miami Beach

Hands up!

Dear Miami Marlins,

I give up!


Gary Sheckman, Miami