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Gaza protestors

The protestors at the Gaza-Israel border should not to be confused with the peaceful, non-violent groups that were lead by Gandhi or Martin Luther King.

Far from peaceful, these protestors have been stirred into a rage by the terrorist group Hamas that governs and controls Gaza.

They have been urged to storm the Israeli border with murderous intentions. Remember that Israel is a tiny country. Jerusalem is only 30 miles from the border fence being attacked.

Our capitol is not threatened by a nearby enemy. Were it, we would not allow the enemy to encroach one inch closer. Borders are more than lines in the sand for Israel. They insure the safety of its citizens and sanctity of the very state. That is why is it wrong-minded to blame Israel for the tragedy unfolding in Gaza.

Israel is acting as it should and must. If blame is to be cast, throw it at Hamas. Hamas is deserved of great blame for the misery of Gazans.

Robert S. Steinberg,

Palmetto Bay

Invading seas

Thank you for your collaborative series The Invading Sea. John Englander’s recent contribution was enlightening and offered practical steps for Floridians to participate in managing the inevitable. To me, two points were key:

1. “To slow sea level rise we must reduce greenhouse gases — particularly carbon dioxide — that trap heat in the atmosphere.”

We can all use LED bulbs and clean our dryer lint, but I agree, with Englander and letter writer Rodrigo Nieto, that to make a significant impact, a solution is to put a fee on carbon-based fuel sources and return the revenue to households in a dividend.

2. “What are government plans to cope with short-term flooding and long-term sea level rise?” As such an important issue at such a critical time, I do hope that voters will remember how our current governor has dealt with climate change during his tenure. As numerous investigative reports in the Miami Herald have detailed over the years, Rick Scott’s Department of Environmental Protection and other agencies were effectively prohibited from even using the terms “climate change” and “global warming.” That’s quite an indictment of his legacy as governor and offers a strong indicator of his lack of vision, much less acknowledgment of reality on sea level rise, as he seeks to represent us in Congress.

With the literal survival of our state at risk – and plans and financing needed decades in advance (yesterday) - Scott would be an unnecessary, unmitigated disaster, as we adapt to the rising seas around us.

Arlene Adams Easley,

Coral Gables


President Trump and Benjamin Netayanu should be locked up for crime against humanity.

Trump for his immense ignorance or bad ill toward Arabs and Hitler for his behavior

And I say Hitler since I don’t see any difference between Netayanu and his party and the German forces during the Nazi regime I guess the Jews learned from the Nazis and they are repeating the circle of extermination of people (once the Jews,now the Palestinians) the cowardice of us,quiet,allowing this crime to go on is repugnant.

Celia Torres,


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Recently, after getting a daily dose of what our President calls "fake" news from CNN, I was reminded of the

film classic Network: The Movie - released in 1976. The late Peter Finch will always be remembered in this

film for his searing monologues as Howard Beale, unhinged anchorman for the fictional TV network UBS

(" I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore."). In his monologues, Beale warns viewers that

the main goal of TV news is high ratings - not reporting objective truth.

Both misinformation and disinformation have become the norm. Misinformation is the result of sloppy, lazy, or

nonexistent fact checking. Disinformation is the intentional distortion of objective truth, or what Kellyanne Conway

has characterized as "alternative facts."

In one of his monologues, Beale informs viewers that less than 3% of Americans read books. Less than 15%

read newspapers. The implication is ominously clear. A lack of critical thinking and illiteracy lead to dictatorship

and totalitarianism (I love poorly educated people - Donald Trump)

The most outrageous and scary attribute of Network:The Movie is that it doesn't seem so outrageous today in

Trumpworld, which features shock-jock politicians and so-called reality TV shows.