Speak Up

Vicious circles

Ever wonder if the inmates have taken over the asylum?

There are some who would have us believe that of all the traffic circles in the world, ours is a killer and should be removed. Why? It impedes speeders and those under the influence who cannot control their vehicles on the circle at illegal speeds. Seriously? Miami-Dade County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava actually met on this.

It is lunacy. They are blaming the symptom, not the cause. The problem is speed. Always has been.

We need speed control, lighting and more circles. We need radar that records and notifies drivers that they will receive a ticket by mail.

Southwest 97th Avenue has been an illegal speedway from Killian Parkway to Southwest 136th Street since 1971, when my family moved to that area. Sadly, we became accustomed to hearing the crashes — some fatal — and rushing out to see if we could help.

The circle provides badly needed cross circulation for the residents. Drivers unable to safely negotiate a traffic circle in Miami-Dade County need their licenses revoked.

We need to make Southwest 97th Avenue safe.

Dawn A. Starling, Miami

Reagan’s view

I’m just surmising that in the eyes of the 30 percent who blindly think Trump can do no wrong (and that all his wrongs can go unpunished), Ronald Reagan must be at the top of their list of heroes.

What in the world must Reagan be thinking right about now with the alleged (no, not alleged) Russian meddling in our elections and Trump’s extreme coziness with them? The Russians!

The rest of us need to speak up at every opportunity and decry the constant lies and crookedness of this (temporary) administration. It’s not acceptable and we’re not taking it lying down!

Jay W. Gould, Miami

Nuisance bicyclists

I am a Homestead homeowner and employee at FPL’s power plant there. Nearly every weekday, I drive from my home to the plant and lately, every day has been an exercise in avoiding nuisance competitive bicyclists on the Palm Drive extension and on Southwest 117th Avenue.

Dressed in dark clothes on a dark stretch of road (some without any reflective devices), they do not obey the stop signs at Palm Drive and SW 117th avenue. They do not signal their intent to turn. They use both lanes for the same direction of travel. And they do not yield.

This is an extremely dangerous situation, not only for the 700+ drivers who use that road daily, but also for the bicyclists. If an accident has not occurred yet, surely one will happen if nothing is done.

Now, I understand that bicyclists have the right to use the road just as cars and motorcycles do; however, they must obey the rules of the road. If there is a stop sign, they need to stop. Being on a bicycle does not give anyone the right to ignore traffic control devices or to put someone else or their property at risk.

Kellie Selwood, Homestead

Time off

Donald Trump complained about President Obama’s vacations and said that he would not have time for vacations.

After 479 days in office, Trump has spent 155 days at Trump properties, and 113 days at his golf properties. This requires American taxpayers to pay for staff, visitors and Secret Service room and board. All of it paid to Trump’s pocket.

Have you noticed that gas prices are the highest in the last three years and still rising? Aren’t we thankful we have the tax cuts to pay for this?

Mario Signorello, Miami Springs

Disappearing care

Most people are not aware that Florida recently decided to discontinue using Molina Healthcare as one of the Medicaid managed care providers serving Miami-Dade County. I know because at the end of the year, Molina may no longer be able to partner with Cornerstone Food Pantry, which I help coordinate.

We will miss Molina’s enthusiastic support. Our partnership began when Molina came to our church to prepare and distribute Thanksgiving dinners. They wanted to serve more often so they now regularly participate at our bimonthly food pantry distribution; preparing and distributing bags of food and sharing health resources with our clients. When we hosted a Rise Against Hunger Event to prepare and send more than 10,000 meals to Haiti, Molina again eagerly responded with funding and volunteers.

Molina is more than a healthcare company. They are vested in our community and making a difference.

Organizations like ours simply couldn’t exist if it wasn’t for loyal partners like Molina Healthcare. I urge the state to reconsider its decision, and allow Molina to continue serving as a valued partner of our community for years to come.

Linda Burton,

Cutler Bay

The dark side

Re the May 16 letter to the editor, “Trump got it done.”

The writer implies that because Trump did the things he said he was going to do, that makes him a great leader. This is crazy.

There was a guy who came to power in Germany in 1933 who did the things he promised. How did that work out?

Tim Whitaker, Miramar

Perimeter Road

Seventeen years after 9/11, and seven years after the fuel farm fire, the east side of Perimeter Road is considered a security risk. Thousands of commuters have used it twice a day for all these years.

The other half of this controversy is that there is now a permanent traffic jam at the west end of Florida State Road 112 (the Airport Expressway).

This, at a time when Miami-Dade is trying to find ways to eliminate traffic. It only took days for people to realize this and now, the proverbial grunts cut in at the front, which only makes traffic worse.

I’m going to Europe for two weeks, where people in England queue, and in Madrid they all obey the speed limit and stay out of the bus and taxi lanes, and in Germany they go 100 mph for 100 miles.

Here's hoping a cure to our woeful traffic is found before I return and have to rejoin this mess.

Ralph Kassner, Miami

Gaza troubles

Re Trudy Rubin’s May 17 opinion, “The U.S. Embassy moved to Jerusalem and Gaza exploded. What Now?”

Rubin should know that Hamas is not a political organization, but virulent terrorists who have killed hundreds of Israelis, Americans and Europeans.

The reason the unemployment rate in Gaza is 60 percent is that the millions of dollars given to the Palestinians there and in the West Bank have gone toward weapons, missiles and terror tunnels.

Jerome S. Reich, Miami

Let’s trade

Is there anything in President Trump’s immigration policy that would allow the Miami Marlins to return ineffective relief pitcher Junichi Tazawa to Japan?

Dave Oliver, Miami Lakes