Speak Up

Traffic solution

Re the April 16 article, “Could this be the worst intersection in Miami?” I have two solutions for that intersection, one short term and one long.

First, the Department of Transportation must be forced to work every night, 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., as they do on the expressways, until construction is complete.

Second, the only real solution will be a tunnel under the river. Why not propose the job to Elon Musk’s Boring Company? It would be a great challenge for him.

Also, the Coast Guard’s assertion that opening the bridge at 6 and 6:30 p.m. doesn’t affect traffic flies in the face of reality.

Lawrence A. Snetman, Miami

Tiny returns

Tax day is here. Whatever happened to that postcard we were going to be able to use for filing our returns?

David Carlson, Miami Beach

Our money

Fabiola Santiago´s April 15 article, “Adiós, Paul Ryan. You were an even more spineless Republican than Marco Rubio,” hits the mark about Ryan´s useless term in office.

But she forgot to mention Ryan´s constant efforts to privatize Social Security, so his friends in Wall Street can get their hands on our money and use it for their own benefits. It is our money, it is not an entitlement. It is our money. Leave it alone!

Fernando Cuellar, Weston

Up and down

On April 14, my wife and I went to check out the re-opening of Miracle Mile and enjoy the free parking the City Beautiful was offering. We chose to park at the Aragon Avenue multilevel parking garage west of Ponce.

Much to our surprise and disappointment, only one of the two elevators (for the entire nine story garage) was working, which created long lines of patrons patiently waiting to get to and from their cars. What a missed opportunity to have created a wonderful experience instead of a nightmare.

Paco Diaz, Miami

Stone’s throw

In light of the ordered strikes on Syria, just one quick question to the evangelical pro-Trumpers out there: Who do you think Jesus would bomb?

Miles Woolley, Hialeah

Jersey gun law

Re the April 15 op ed, “We want gun dealers to conduct instant background checks before selling ammunition.”

The authors were asking for a federal solution. Because most aspects regarding firearms and ammunition are regulated by the state, I support the system in New Jersey. This state requires a renewable license for firearms and ammunition.

There is no inconvenience there. Show your license and make your purchase. I think it is a better system and I think Florida can do a better job than Uncle Sam.

David Weston, Miami

Beyond marching

While commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., I asked my adult son if Dr. King were alive today, what would be his response to the amount of gun violence and the impact that this violence has had on the youth of our communities. He said he didn’t know, as Dr. King was killed before he was born.

My response to him was, Dr. King would organize and participate in marches, but unlike today’s marches, which are good photo opportunities and a quick answer that brings little or no consequences to the problems of gun violence, his marches always had some sort of follow-up plan.

I have personally participated in several marches pertaining to the death of Carnell Williams-Thomas, a two-year old, and one of several murders that occurred at Arthur Mays Villas (public housing) in Goulds over the past several years.

So the response from some community leaders, four months after, is yet a another march, but what is the plan? I totally agree with the statement, “Books Up, Guns Down.” Now let’s make it happen.

Phillip Murray, Jr., Homestead

Worried slapper

The April 11 article, “Anti-GMO mosquito activist dies in a swimming pool,” reports a tragedy, but doesn’t tell the full story.

A Florida Keys mother concerned with protecting her children from being bitten by GMO mosquitoes was found dead in Washington D.C. the same day day she was delivering a petition to the EPA. That is suspicious enough to be investigated. Ethical journalism keeps government in check, and should include corporations. Continue looking into this incident and keep readers informed.

Even though Intrexon often claims they only release male mosquitoes, this is false. They also release biting female mosquitoes. Intrexon also claims the offspring of these mosquitoes will all die, but this is false too. As much as 5 percent of the offspring survive and more than 18 percent survive if they’re exposed to cat food.

Even the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization states that there are “potentially unforeseen consequences because the released insects are not sterile...”

South Florida residents are not okay with being science experiments! Intrexon needs to accept that “No Consent” means no consent!

Carolina I. Lavayen, Hallandale Beach

Jobs president

Has anybody noticed that BLM (Black Lives Matter) demonstrations have drastically gone down, if not all together disappeared? Could it be that their prayers were answered and there are plenty of jobs now? The most since 1973. Maybe President Trump was not what we wanted, but he is certainly what we needed.

Jaime Basagoitia, West kendall

Bread and butter

SNAP, once known as Food Stamps, is the cornerstone in the fight against hunger in America. Millions of families struggle everyday just to get by, but now leaders in Congress are debating a bill that would take away food from people struggling to find work.

In 2016, almost one in six households with children in the U.S. were food insecure (16.5 percent, according to USDA). SNAP is timely, targeted, and incredibly effective, especially during economic crises or natural disasters. The Census Bureau estimates SNAP lifted 3.6 million people above the poverty line in 2016. SNAP plays a critical role in helping families get ahead when times are tough, or wages aren’t enough, while supporting local economies.

If the new draft of the Farm Bill passes, it would undermine SNAP through a series of harsh new requirements. Congress needs to know that so-called “work requirements” don’t work. Cutting people off from access to food doesn’t help them make ends meet; it just leaves them hungry.

Congress needs to say no to this bill and any proposal that takes food away from people who are struggling. Let’s end hunger in America.

Betsy Suero Skipp, Miami