Speak Up

Poem for Poncho, the crocodile

Poor Poncho

Signs are all around...

Here, crocodiles may abound.

But two who thought they knew better

Decided they'd get wetter

Even though t'was the middle of the night...

They didn't think the crocodiles would bite.

So in they went where the crocs abided,

A silly decision was decided!

(P.S. Crocs have to live somewhere!)

Well today I heard that they caught the croc...

Hope they're happy it's home they blocked.

Where does wildlife go today,

So people can run and swim and play?

Let's give them room so they can live,

To many of us such pleasure they give.

They're born to live and not to die...

That is the reason why

I feel like I do...

To Poncho

Goodbye :(

June Bullock, Hollywood