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Improve the environment, ban gas mowers

There is a great need to cut back on fossil fuels. Our environment, our sustainability, our weather and even our health depends on this. If I were mayor, I would initiate a program that would only allow the use of non-gasoline mowers. This would include a series of steps.

First, new equipment would have to be sold with new technology — electric, solar, hydro, etc. Second, for those who can’t afford to buy this new technology, I would set up a program employing people who can transform regular mowers into solar mowers. This would be a free service and it would create jobs. I would also create a fund to which people can contribute to this program. It will help the government and the environment and save our planet one lawn at a time. Just think of on how much gasoline we use in Florida to maintain our lawns, and how big a contribution such a program can make toward a better environment.

Damarys Debesa, Miami

Note: Many Miami-Dade County cities have a chance to elect a new mayor this year. We asked members of the Public Insight Network — locals who have agreed to share their insights on current events for the Miami Herald and WLRN — what they would do if they were mayor. What would you do if you were mayor? Tell us. Start informing our newsroom with your thoughts at MiamiHerald.com/insight.