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Shop around for home insurance

I experienced Hurricane Andrew in Perrine and Hurricane Wilma in Coral Springs. I had State Farm Insurance until two years ago when it raised the price so high I had to choose another provider.

I shopped and found a terrific company that I am pleased with. Still paying a lot more than $1,500 quarterly but I have a good company and coverage.

If you look around, there are good solutions out there beyond Citizens Property Insurance, which is way underfunded to handle a big storm. They are not the usual big brand names that most of us are familiar with, but they are good companies.

Barry Johnson, Miami

Note: We asked members of the Public Insight Network — locals who have agreed to share their insights on current events for Miami Herald and WLRN — how homeowners are obtaining affordable home insurance, including Citizens Property Insurance. Is your home insurance rate rising? Tell us. Start informing our newsroom with your thoughts at MiamiHerald.com/insight.