Speak Up

Diaz-Balart’s silence

If Fidel or Raul Castro had ever called Haiti, African countries or another nation a “shithole” country, would Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart have remained silent?

In his silence, is he telling constituents that President Trump is worse or better than the Castro regime?

He was sitting in that meeting. Is this what he also thinks about his constituents?

How can he represent a state with the largest amount of Haitians in the United States?

His inaction shows that he only represents himself and has absolutely no moral compass.

John Isaacs,

West Kendall

Tell the truth

The late Rafael Diaz-Balart, respected pre-Castro Cuban legislator, must be turning in his grave. His son, U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, attended a meeting where President Trump said, in effect, if you are not from a country of blue-eyed blond whites, you are not welcomed.

The congressman’s father fought for justice, dignity of all men, honor, decency, freedom and justice.

Diaz-Balart’s Cuban and Hispanic constituents, his father’s ideals, his family, the Cuban diaspora and his ancestry, demanded that he confront Trump, or at least walk out of the room.

Instead, as the only Hispanic, it seems as if Diaz-Balart took the insults quietly.

The congressman can redeem himself and tell the truth, not give us platitudes about DACA.

The lie that Trump said nothing derogatory must be uncovered.

Be a leader to the Cubans and Hispanics you represent and not a spineless follower of a bully who sees you, and me, and us, as second-class citizens.

G. Frank Quesada, Sr.,

Coral Gables

Call to action

I’m shocked after President Trump’s comments regarding Haitians, Africans and South Americans.

This man, who was elected by the Electoral College, does not possess the basic historical knowledge to know that if it were not for Haiti, there would not have been a United States of America; Africans, who were forced to come to America in chains, built this country without compensation; and the contributions of immigrants, who — if one is not a Native American, includes everyone — continued and continue to build this country.

I did not vote for this man, but he took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. I do not believe he is fulfilling this oath.

I’m doubly shocked by the Republican response — or lack of a response — to Trump’s comments. Someone said that for evil to succeed, all it takes is for good men to do nothing.

Will we stand quietly and make this chapter America’s legacy?

Hell no! This is my call to action.

Reina Garner,


Get to work!

Great column by Marc Thiessen (“What Donald Trump did was bad. What Democrats did is worse,” Jan. 18) on reinforcing the idea of the need for confidentiality at meetings behind closed doors.

All attendees at meetings need to be assured of privacy. Otherwise, you might as well have recording devices at these meetings for all to hear.

A message to all of our elected representatives: Stop the bickering and do your job for the welfare of the citizens who have elected you and who are paying your salaries and all those perks you are getting.

Geoffrey N. James,

Coral Gables

Today’s lesson

A letter to all my students (past, current, and future): To each and every one of you — from El Salvador, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Egypt, China, Mexico, Singapore, Haiti, Dominican Republic, United States, Trinidad, just to name a few — you are special, each and every one of you. You deserve to be here.

Individually, you are the star that shines bright with a zest and zeal for learning. Collectively, you are the rainbow that resonates with a beauty of it’s stunning colors.

Always stand tall, be proud and speak out no matter how difficult and scary that may be.

Continue to make a difference in the world. Believe that you can be and achieve all that you strive for. And when the going gets tough, keep on forging ahead, reaching for the stars, all the while remembering that you are as good and as equal as anyone. You are special and you are loved.

Hydie Pettinger,

West Kendall

Abusing liberty

President Trump has now abused a woman who stands for the freedom of this country: the Statue of Liberty.

He is trying to change “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” to “Give me your white, your rich, your upper classes yearning for nothing free.”

His recent tirade against nonwhite people should be the last stand. But it won’t be, unfortunately, because his base of supporters approve of everything he says and does. His agenda is obvious.

Harry Small,


Hit the brakes

President Trump’s derogatory words could well apply to the many idiots who claimed to be making a statement on MLK Day.

Using illegal vehicles on public roads, running red lights and deliberately trying to cause accidents is not a positive statement for anything.

Taking a knee has been a positive statement.

It hurt no one and put no one in danger.

“Guns down, Bikes up” is just alternative language for gross stupidity.

Priscilla Fregger Adler,

Cutler Bay

Another run

Former State Senator Frank Artiles wants to run for office again by saying, ‘I’m bad, but the others are worse.’ Artiles used the N-word and is now arguing that is not as bad as molesting women.

What happened to seeking elected officials who have high moral standards and someone we can respect?

Art Young, West


Trump country

I’ve traveled to many developing countries, served for more than three years in the Peace Corps and did various research in many of them. I’ve never been to a shithole country.

I have seen such a country however, in parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky and in many inner city areas, including in Miami.

I’ve also been to Norway, France, Germany and saw nothing like that in those places. Imagine that!

Joel Heinen,


Trump logic

President Trump did not deny being a racist. He could have simply said “no” when asked if he was a racist. Instead, he said he was the “least racist” person.

That means, in a room full of avowed racists, he was still one, but not as bad as the other racists in the room.

The logic of his claim seems to have escaped all the commentators.

Harry N. Turk,