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Facebook friends can see pain in posts

There are people on Facebook who put their whole lives out there. It seems like they can’t wait to open their page and report mundane facts about their lives. Some use Facebook as an announcement to the world how badly they slept last night.

I think Derek Medina was one of those people. He chronicles his life, hopes and pain, so everybody can see his suffering. I think somebody should have known how volatile his situation was.

Leonard Feinman, Hialeah

Note: We asked members of the Public Insight Network — locals who have agreed to share their insights on current events for the Miami Herald and WLRN — if they reflected on their social media use in light of the South Miami man accused of killing his wife and posting her photo on Facebook. Have you read inappropriate Facebook posts? Tell us.Start informing our newsroom with your thoughts at MiamiHerald.com/insight.