Speak Up

Trump on Jerusalem

Every major Arab leader Trump spoke to about his declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital told him there would surely be violence if he did such a thing.

Trump could care less about that or about the United States ever having a chance to serve as a mediator in any future Middle East peace process.

When your friends or family are injured by Arab terrorism in Israeli restaurants and pizza parlors as retaliation for this announcement, you can look to Trump as the cause.

Harvey Slavin,

Hallandale Beach

Traffic breakdown

I am writing this letter to our county government as I drive on Kendall Drive, with tears rolling down my eyes. The traffic is so bad, I am just sitting here!

Anniversaries often bring tears, and this 15th anniversary of the half penny transit tax reminds me of the almost $3 billion we agreed to pay for new transit lines to alleviate the traffic mess.

I, like all of you, contributed my tax dollars for new rail lines.

Now, we are told we can’t afford the SMART plan to solve our traffic woes because we don’t have enough money, or hardly any money.

We all know the answer, but it is worth repeating the question: Where did our tax dollars go? $3 billion! Where is it?

As a community, we voted to pay this extra money to solve this traffic mess.

The elected officials made a promise and we said yes.

I would like the excellent investigative reporters of the Miami Herald to tell us where this money went, because it is gone.

I want to know what was purchased, because only one short new rail line was built to the airport.

Where did the rest go?

I want to know why county government is not held responsible for taking our money and using it for “other” things.

As a community, we must demand that $3 billion be used as promised, or demand a refund.

If my board of directors blew $3 billion, well … you can finish the sentence.

Michael Rosenberg,

West Kendall

Trump supporters

To the letter writers who are asking the “liberals” to stop “hating” Trump, I would like to turn it around( “Stop bashing Trump,” Dec. 6).

As the indictments continue to roll in, will Trump supporters please stop supporting pathological lying, sexual predation, pedophilia, bigotry, nepotism, attacks on the free press and our democratic institutions, possible conspiracy with our enemies, and apparent obstruction of justice?

That’s all.

David Treece,

Miami Shores

Honoring the blind

For every person who preys on the most vulnerable among us, let there be far more to help those in need.

My thoughts go to Rashard Pierce, a visually impaired young man who was killed while stepping off a bus, “Disabled man dies after he was shoved into oncoming traffic,” Nov. 24.

I will give to the Miami Herald Wish Book for Katherine Sanchez, who is a blind, 15-year-old girl from Cuba. Her story reveals that she was bullied in her home town school. I want to honor her tenacity and courage as a student in Miami.

Though she is treated well at G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School, the financial challenges for Katherine and her amazing mom are steep.

My gift will go toward a laptop with speech reader program for Katherine.

This will help her to move forward to her goal of becoming a doctor.

This gift will also honor the memory of Rashard Pierce, whose light was dimmed too soon.

Connie Goodman-Milone,


Prison deaths

The unfortunate death of inmate Randall Jordan-Aparo while serving his sentence could probably have been prevented had the prison system used a little imagination. Prisoner information is the key, and in this instance, it was lacking.

All inmates have numbers, but if a letter was added to the number — coded of course, to indicate medical or psychiatric problems — correction officers, using an iPad or some other device, could immediately obtain crucial information in assisting their interaction with that inmate.

All inmates should have letters added to their number so as not to single out those with special needs.

I’ve prepared thousands of Pre-sentence Reports identifying these kinds of problems, but if not passed on to the cell unit, then bad things can happen.

In this case, it did.

Harry J. Sultz,

Pembroke Pines

No collusion

After almost one year investigating, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has nothing that connects President Trump to collusion with Russia.

Wait until they investigate the Clintons’ ties to the Russians along with the Democratic Party and the $140 million paid to the Clinton Foundation by Uranium One investors.

Selling 20 percent of our supply of uranium by the Obama administration while Mueller was the head of the FBI and Hillary was Secretary of State will be very revealing and people will go to jail.

Jose A. Mesa, Jr.,


Everglades snake

Zoo Miami should have bid on the 17-foot Burmese python alive for display at the zoo instead of letting the snake hunter smash its skull in for $375, “Hunter shoots and bags a 17-foot Everglades python,” Dec. 6.

Zoo Miami has the most pathetic display of snakes compared to major zoos around the U.S.A.

The San Diego Zoo has a boa, anaconda, cobra, python and various other snakes.

What does Zoo Miami have? A red rat snake and other meaningless Florida snakes. Why is that? Zoo Miami sits on 20 acres and has said in the past that it has “no room.”

It is hard to imagine that in order to see a major constrictor in Miami, you have to see it dead on the evening news.

If it is a big deal for the evening news to show a dead python, why wouldn’t it be a big deal to see it alive at the zoo?

Mark Osman,


Baptist and politics

South Miami has been in the news many times for some of the strange things the city commission has been up to.

Now, Baptist Hospital, through their South Miami Hospital location, is really stirring the pot.

Besides not paying any taxes, Baptist is asking the city to assist it in a bond issue to reduce its debt.

Yet at the same time, a hospital employee is running for a South Miami Commission seat.

Does it seem right that a large corporation like Baptist helps one of its employees get on the same commission it has to work with on things like bonds, future concessions and possible development deals?

I wonder how that “new” commissioner will vote when a hospital issue comes before him?

Gary Robinson,

South Miami