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Royal wedding

Prince Harry married American actress Meghan Markle in the most beautiful fairy-tale Royal Wedding. It was known as the “Wedding of the Century.”

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Gaza protestors

The protestors at the Gaza-Israel border should not to be confused with the peaceful, non-violent groups that were lead by Gandhi or Martin Luther King.

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Flood control

I thank the Miami Herald for demanding significant investment in our flood protection system to confront rising seas in it’s May 6 editorial, “Three newspapers confront one challenge: Sea-level rise is real, South Florida needs all hands on deck — now.” There is a dire need to invest in our aging and underfunded flood control system now, not just in the future.

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Hero remembered

I was very moved when reading the March 16 obituary for Staff Sergeant Carl Enis, “Pinecrest native killed in Iraq helicopter crash remembered as a ‘true American hero.’’’ He died on the Syrian-Iraq border, along with six other U.S. airmen.

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Home in distress

Front page of the April 28 Miami Herald details the rapes, scalding and abuse on-going at the Carlton Palms Educational Center in Mount Dora, a home for the disabled. It is horrifying and one wonders why the state cannot close it.

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Heat exhaustion

Now that the Miami Heat is out of the playoffs, it seems like a good time to tear it down and start rebuilding.

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Hurricane victims are also victims of mortgage holders

Eight months after Hurricane Irma, many neighborhoods still have homes with tarp-covered roofs. Most homeowners received funds from their insurance policies, but the checks are made out to the mortgage holders. This is legal and in accordance with the mortgage clauses. What is outrageous, however, is the way many of the mortgage companies are treating the homeowners. Most refuse to turn over any funds until repairs are made.

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Barbara Bush’s kindness

In 1989, when I was 10 years old, I won a national essay contest which included a trip to Washington, D.C. and an invitation to a private reception at the White House hosted by First Lady Barbara Bush.

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Traffic solution

Re the April 16 article, “Could this be the worst intersection in Miami?” I have two solutions for that intersection, one short term and one long.

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Beautiful streets

The April 14 celebration of the grand re-opening of Miracle Mile marked an incredible moment for Coral Gables. The crowds, the energy and the infinite enthusiasm for our City Beautiful was palpable throughout the night and a strong sign of even greater days ahead for our local businesses and our community’s main street.

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Street fight

A university is much more than a business enterprise. Its purpose is not simply to churn out students with degrees. It has an obligation to its stakeholders to set an example and provide not just academics, but instill moral values in future leaders. Unfortunately, as Florida International University attempts to open Northeast 135th Street to its Biscayne Bay Campus, its president demonstrates that any means justifies an end. A university president has an obligation to lead by example. President Rosenberg does not consider the environment, the safety of residents, or the impact on a community in achieving his objective. He proves that one can use any tactic available to get to “yes,” and that compromise is not in the negotiation tool box.

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Willful naivete

James Comey’s new book, “A Higher Loyalty,” should not cause any concern for Trump. Reportedly, Trump has not read a book in decades. Current aides say that Trump does not ever read more than a page of anything presented to him.

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Ballot confusion

Kudos to Mary Ellen Klas for her April 5 story, “Constitution panel proposes putting 24 ideas into 12 amendments on Nov. ballot.” This is tantamount to stuffing a one-pound bag with 24 pounds of excessive confusion for voter misinterpretation.

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Filling King’s shoes

My thanks to Leonard Pitts Jr., for his on-target April 4 column “50 years after his murder, it’s time to kill the myth of Martin Luther King.”

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Save Marjory’s home

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas House should be turned over to The Kampong, David Fairchild’s home less than a half-mile away. It has been well administered by the National Tropical Botanical Garden for decades without disrupting its Coconut Grove neighbors.


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