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Trump’s parade

With all the serious issues facing the country, the president is obsessed with a fantastic military parade. The time, money and effort it would take to entertain this person would be better spent on recruiting, upgrading and training for our military forces.

If he is so infatuated with military parades, perhaps he should have served in the military when his country called. So sad.

Can someone explain to him that he is president of the United States of America, and not some Third World country whose leader must constantly be thanked and praised and entertained?

Joseph Travis, Miami

Military parade

Re the Feb. 7 letter “Just like in Cuba:” I, as a Cuban immigrant who was sent to this country at age 9 to an aunt and uncle I had never met, am also concerned about the tone and direction of this administration.

Now we hear about a military parade, funded by the taxpayers. Unlike Russia, China, North Korea or even our European allies, we do not have to use military parades as a deterrent; rather, our strength comes from our citizens and laws.

If President Trump wants a military parade, let him fund it with the millions in his inauguration fund. We have not had an accounting from his Inauguration Committee, even though it was promised several times within the last year.

Maybe the intent of this committee is to donate the money to a newly formed charity — “The Russian Defense Fund,” to cover the legal expenses of those under scrutiny by the special counsel.

Rosa Maria Hanchett,

Coral Gables

Marching orders

The Herald reported that President Trump recently met with Pentagon officials and ordered them to plan a military parade, “like the one in France.”

This will involve shipping large-scale military vehicles and tanks to Washington, D.C., at a cost of millions to taxpayers.

I don’t want one cent spent on this parade, which only evokes images of Hitler’s Germany, the 1989 protester standing in front of a Chinese tank in Tiananmen Square or annual footage from North Korea and Russia.

Let’s send those dollars to the veterans awaiting medical care, or buy the U.S. Coast Guard new ice breaking ships, or provide better benefits for our soldiers, for a start.

It doesn’t matter what party you belong to or whom you voted for, this idea is not what our service men and women fought and died for. Let elected representatives — and the White House — know that you don’t want the greatest democracy in the world to act like a Communist country.

Besides, we already have the best parades in the world; they happen every July 4 in towns large and small across the United States.

But if Trump’s marching orders are carried out, maybe we can bring the Tiananmen “Tank Man” out of retirement.

Martha Singleton, Miami

Yield to respect

It’s bad enough that we have a president who knowingly lies and spreads self-promoting alternative facts. It’s bad enough that he belittles and levels personal attacks on those who question his bizarre behavior.

Now, it seems, those who do not offer applause for his remarks are labeled “unAmerican” or “traitors.” Do we live in Russia? In China?

Trump should immediately drive to the National Archives, bow down in front of the U.S. Constitution and beg forgiveness.

Michael Amend,

Miami Beach

Loria’s deal

Re the Feb. 2 story, “Jeffrey Loria not sharing profits with county or city from $1.2 billion Marlins sale.” Miamians had to see this coming. It validates what a horrible deal then-Mayor Carlos Alvarez accepted. Jeffrey Loria and David Samson crafted a revenue-share agreement that was obviously designed for them to walk away with huge profits and stick it to Miami. Once again, taxpayers, voters and bond holders were taken for a ride.

When will the elected subscribe to true transparency and proper governance and make voting taxpayers their first priority?

Truly shameful. I certainly hope Miami-Dade opts to forensically review the settlement figures and perhaps yield some form of remuneration back to our community.

Jim Angleton,

Bay Harbor Islands

Truth to power

I wish more people would recognize the importance of investigative journalism and support their local newspapers. Without these journalists and their editorial staff, we would not have learned how drug cartels launder their profits through gold or the impact this has on the global environment and our Latin American neighbors.

Investigative journalism also exposed Larry Nassar’s crimes.

I cringe every time I hear President Trump say “fake news” and how he is trying to discredit journalists and editors who are doing their much-needed jobs. Democracy needs them to survive.

Leona M. Allison, Pinecrest

Awful Republicans

We rarely discuss politics at our bridge club, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the letter “Bum’s rush,” from Jeffrey Lefcourt, a club member, in the Feb. 4 Miami Herald.

I am a registered Democrat, mainly because my parents were, but never really followed party lines when voting. I have voted many times for Republicans when I thought they were the better candidate or the lesser of two evils.

Unlike Jeffrey though, I feel very strongly that the party in control of all three branches of government has the responsibility to stand up to its leader and do what is right for our country, not for the party. It will be a long time before I vote for another Republican.

Mary Pereda, Kendall

Dems not in charge

In his Feb. 6 letter, Steve Christensen wrote, “How can the Democrats demand that persons whose integrity and impartiality have been so lost, remain in charge of an investigation supposedly of national importance?”

The Democrats are not, nor have they ever been, in charge of this investigation. Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein and FBI Director Chris Wray are lifelong Republicans and were appointed by this president. Special Counsel Robert Mueller also is a Republican and was originally appointed to lead the FBI by George W. Bush.

Todd Faber,

Pompano Beach

Clap back

So, the Tweeter-in-Chief is mad because the Democrats didn’t clap during his State of the Union speech? I guess he forgot that during President Obama’s State of the Union speech, Congressman Joe Wilson yelled, “You lie!”

Which is more shameful?

Dominic Caplo,

Pembroke Pines

Car in space

Shooting a Tesla into orbit: the greatest “guy thing” ever!

Roy Sluzis, Miami