From Our Inbox

FPL rates

Like most customers of FPL, I do not have — nor could I afford — stock in FPL. Thus, I do not benefit from its profits through dividends paid to shareholders.

When is the Public Service Commission — and I’m using the moniker loosely — going to consider rejecting FPL’s rate hikes to cover their costs of doing business, including unforeseen expenses such as the needed Turkey Point remediation, that FPL itself created?

Consumers should read the itemization provided with their bill. Most companies absorb the cost of doing business. FPL does not, and it is allowed to pass on these expenses to customers who have few other options.

For the most part, FPL does a good job in servicing its customers (excellent job after Irma) and its rates appear reasonable. Even though the rate increases are small and most won’t even notice, every consumer should be aware and informed.

Joan Dunn, Miami Shores

Neutered ’net

Re the FCC’s vote on Dec. 14 to repeal net neutrality regulations: This is an injustice. It is not what is not what America is about. When three people decide what more than 300 million Americans want, I’m not sure we live in a free country.

Why change something that has been working for us all for so many years?

We won’t be scared; this isn’t going into effect immediately. We lost the repeal, but 83 percent of people do not want this. We can win this. We won’t stop calling and texting. We won’t stop protesting.

We won twice before. We can do it again. Taking away our right to free internet not only takes away our way of communication around the world, but also kids’ futures. Taking this away potentially puts Americans’ future at risk.

Sheila Arteche Prado,


Spelling error

On Dec. 15, we learned the person in the White House can’t tell the difference in the spelling of the “FBI” and the “FSB” (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation).

If Barack Obama or Bill Clinton said this about the FBI, the Republicans would be screaming “treason” and “impeachment.”

Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Paul Ryan are complicit and will be judged so by history.

Ray Belongie, Sunrise

Banned words

Anyone who remembers “I Love Lucy” knows that when Lucille Ball was pregnant, no one was allowed to say “pregnant.” The word was thought to be too vulgar. Instead, Lucy was “expecting” or “having a baby.”

So maybe if we all put our heads in the sand, the words “diversity,” “transgender” and “fetus” will cease to exist — as will the issues around them. Furthermore, the CDC will no longer be allowed to address these topics — unless, of course, they use other terminology.

But if this isn’t censorship, it will certainly suffice until another term comes along.

JoAnn Lee Frank,


Inclusive Xmas

In reading Philip Goldin’s Dec. 15 letter, “Souto’s holiday wish,” criticizing Miami-Dade Commissioner Javier Souto’s use of “Merry Christmas” in the name of his King, Jesus, it occurred to me that Goldin is missing two important points.

First, for many Americans, Christmas has mainly a secular meaning. It is a part of American culture and implies good will, a time for families to get together, the joy of giving and a time to reflect on our blessings. And yes, to some it also means the celebration of the birth of Christ. When people wish me a Merry Christmas, I know they are wishing me well, and I appreciate that. I don’t think that they are trying to convert me.

Second, “Merry Christmas” should be made inclusive enough for people who think like Goldin. He suggested adding Jews, Muslims, and atheists. But why stop there?

Shouldn’t we add practitioners of Kwanzaa, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, believers of the Baha’i faith, Confucianism, Jainism, Shinto, Zoroastrianism, American Indian tribal religions, Chinese tribal religions, shamanism, animism and many more?

Thomas D. Boswell,

West Kendall

Political parties

The Dec. 17 letter “Divided nation” says: “What it shows is that this country is completely divided into two halves: the conservatives defending family values, fewer taxes and smaller government, and the liberal progressives wanting higher taxes on the rich, more government welfare and continued loosening of moral and social fabric.”

It also shows the difference between a Republican Party that would support and vote for an accused predator of adolescent girls and a Democratic Party that discharges their members over sexual predation.

And, as for “leftist governments,” why aren’t we mentioning Denmark, Australia and Canada, all of which have successful progressive governments?

Tim Turman, Cutler Bay

Rubio succeeded

I hope the Miami Herald can give our junior senator Marco Rubio some credit for getting what he wanted from the tax cut and reform bill now under consideration.

He got the Child Tax Credit expanded by threatening to withhold his vote. That’s pretty good, but I know how some in the media don’t like to give Republicans any credit.

Luis M. Caballero, Miami

Stone crabs

Re Jenny Staletovich’s Dec. 13 article, “Where have the stone crabs gone?” Maybe they are dying because they cannot defend themselves or obtain food.

Only one claw can be taken from a stone crab, and it is left up to the honesty of the catcher to not take that last one. If this is true, why not change it to only the left or right claw and making it illegal to possess the other?

When it comes to money, trusting us humans is not a good bet.

Dennis Beauchamp,

Palm Coast

Justice for all

Since when does “allegation” or “accused” mean guilty in this fair and equitable country of ours?

Soon, we hope, Gitmo prisoners will get their day in court for crimes against our military on the USS Cole and innocent civilians on 9/11. May justice prevail.

Sid Morris, West Kendall

Not so great

We have an clueless president who swills Diet Coke, lives on fast food, watches TV and nominates the least qualified people for positions of authority.

I can think of one way we can make America great again.

Howard Umansky,

Pembroke Pines

Cows abused

Every day, I drive down my street and see a cow with its big brown gentle eyes. What kind of person can torture these poor animals by burning, and stabbing them? Jail is too good for these abusers. I thank the Miami Beach Animal Recovery Mission for bringing this to our attention.

Lana Morey, Homestead