Frida Ghitis

Disagree with Frida Ghitis

In her Aug. 15 column, Frida Ghitis says the “Gaza problem” can be solved by making the Palestinian Authority, not Hamas, responsible for Gaza and its borders. That is laughable, since the PA was defeated in an election held in Gaza and then militarily defeated by Hamas, the victor in that election.

The PA was supposed to pay about five months of back pay to Hamas government workers as part of its new "coalition government" agreement with Hamas.

It has yet to pay them a dime. In closing, while the PA/PLO/Fatah is considerate a “moderate” Arab group, the truth is that it is farcical. They prefer to defeat Israel “in stages” over time as it weakens itself with concessions to the Arabs who seek its complete destruction. How is that a moderate position?

Harvey Slavin, Hallandale Beach