Dear Democrat: Send us the money — or else


The email boxes of lowly Democrats have been overflowing with frantic messages from the DCCC and the Clinton campaign pleading, imploring and caterwauling for money. As guilt trips go, you’d think this effort was being organized by the Sisters of the Blessed Turkish Prison.

“Giving Up” read one topic line dispatched by the DCCC to those ungrateful Democrats who apparently had the audacity to spend their money on stuff other than a political organization. The email went on to castigate the recipient for ignoring prior panhandling missives.

“President Obama emailed you. Vice President Biden emailed you. Nancy Pelosi emailed you — three times!”

It’s pretty clear that dismissing Pelosi’s badgering not once, not twice, but three times borders on a partisan act of disloyalty not seen since Bernie Sanders decided to contest Hillary Clinton’s coronation.

If treating Democratic Party peons as if they were Monty Pythonesque serfs failed to loosen up the checkbook, the DCCC went to Plan B with another email, this one titled “ALL HOPE IS LOST.”

It encouraged Democrats to get off their duffs and start writing checks or else Republicans would outraise the party for the third straight month.

The procrastination of those laggard Democrats then reached a fever pitch, leading to yet another DCCC email titled “Crushing Blow,” which claimed that unless the party started seeing some moolah flowing over the transom — NOW! — every single thing that President Barack Obama has fought for would be imploded practically overnight.

Not to be outdone in the “We’re all doomed!” fundraising shtick, Hillary Clinton started dashing off her own busker emails, including one with the topic line: “We will be outraised if you don’t step up.”

The email went on, in a comically unintended way, to praise Sanders for his prodigious money machine, noting how Sanders had crushed the Clinton camp by a 27-1 fundraising ratio, which led to solid defeats for Clinton in Hawaii, Washington and Alaska.

If this keeps up, Clinton won’t be able to afford her next Chipolte burrito bowl.

Now there’s a cheery message. We have such a weak opponent, yet the 74-year-old Democratic socialist has outraised us by literally tens of millions of dollars. So please send us a check so the dream will never die. And, oh yeah, if you don’t contribute you’re a horrible person.

A subsequent email made it clear to Clinton supporters that the former secretary of state was getting waxed in almost every Wisconsin poll. And it’s probably all you deadbeat skinflint Democrats’ fault, too. This isn’t “morning in America.” It’s nuclear winter across the land. This is supposed to be a selling point?

What a conundrum. Should a Democrat send money to Clinton and run the risk of Pelosi’s stink eye? Or should one support the DCCC and be accused by the Clinton camp of essentially bolstering by default the Leon Trotsky of Vermont?

It is certainly true that political campaigns often suggest that unless loyalists pay their tributes, the country will be overrun by a plague of Limbaughs.

But is it really a brilliant idea to shame the very people you rely on to sustain a political party into making them feel like lazy poltroons indifferent to the future of the Democratic Party and/or Hillary Clinton’s manifest destiny road to the White House?

Is it not remarkable that within the inner circles of the DCCC and the Clinton campaign, highly paid consultants, confidants and enablers all sat around and convinced themselves that extorting hardworking Democrats into giving them money by brow-beating them with threats of lost hope, surrender and betrayal was an effective fundraising ploy?

People contribute to political campaigns because they believe they are making a positive investment in the future. The grumpy DCCC and Clinton are peddling sackcloth and ashes. Little wonder it’s such a tough sell.

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