Rubio’s double-standard problem


I’m waiting any moment now for Marco Rubio to demand that President Obama recall our ambassador to China and shut down our embassy there.

That’s because the junior senator from Florida — and now Republican presidential candidate — has decided to get tough on China.

In an article posted last week on the National Review, Rubio declared that the communist regime in Beijing “has gotten a free pass” for far too long and that it’s got to start answering for its often brutal human-rights abuses.

All I can say is: Hear, hear, senator! It’s exciting to see Rubio take this bold stand after, well, giving China a free pass for far too long. Like the time — just last year, actually — he let Beijing pay for a junket his aides took to the People’s Republic for friendly talks on trade and foreign policy.

Rubio finally seems to be addressing his double-standard problem.

He’s decided to confront China the way he and the rest of the Cuban-American congressional caucus insist we stand up to communist Cuba. And I’m assuming that means: No more diplomatic relations with China.

Right, senator?

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Tim Padgett is WLRN’s Americas editor.