Border crisis traumatizing children

Much has been written about the travesty of the U.S. Border Patrol separating children from their parents.

There is one side of this human rights disaster that has not yet been explored.

About one in four people in all populations has a major mental illness, or will have a mental problem of a temporary nature.

But when some outside force introduces major trauma to a significant subset of any population, the prospects of mental illness spreading within that subset skyrockets.

The U.S. government is inflicting unimaginable psychological and emotional pain on hundreds — who may soon number thousands — of immigrant children at our borders. T

hese children will be young adults soon — some in as little as two or three years.

They will grow up loathing not only the U.S. but those who did to them what no humane people or government ever perpetrated on any group of children.

We made a horrendous mistake in sending Japanese-Americans to internment camps during World War II. What we are doing now is even more horrific.

Soon, there may be hundreds of very angry young adults who were victims of this senseless crime.

We may expect significant numbers of them will turn violent and seek vengeance against those people and institutions who robbed them of their childhoods.

Given an American society that so values ready access to lethal weapons, this army of traumatized children-turned-adults will generate large numbers of armed warriors intent upon returning the pain.

Whom do you think they will target in their rage?

Who will pay for the mental health treatment many will require for the rest of their lives?

Will some court later hold that the U.S. is financially responsible for the damage its intentional cruelty inflicted upon these children?

If you are disgusted by what you see happening, why are you not saying so?

John R. Kelso,

Cutler Bay