‘You never did anything wrong, Mr. President — right?’

President Trump is facing fierce criticism of his firing FBI Director James Comey.
President Trump is facing fierce criticism of his firing FBI Director James Comey. Associated Press

You know you did nothing wrong.

You always know. Did Roger or Carter talk to the Russians about Hillary’s emails? How would you know? Roger loves all that dirty-tricks stuff. You weren’t around those guys every minute of every day, and they weren’t telling you every single thing they did.

Anyway, it’s not why you won the election. You won because the people wanted to make America great again and didn’t want lying Hillary.

But the Democrats can’t accept that. They’ve gone crazy. They deny you’re a legitimate president. They fantasize about impeaching you; they say all kinds of horrible things.

Comey knows you’re not some Russian agent. He knows the FBI has never found any evidence you did anything wrong, because you didn’t. But he wouldn’t just shut the Democrats down and say there’s nothing there.

He didn’t want to take that heat. Here he was, a member of your administration, and he wouldn’t even be a little helpful. And not once did he even say “sorry” for the trouble he caused you.

So, of course, you got rid of him. It wasn’t because he was getting close to bringing you down, as your enemies are saying. It was because he was wasting your time, and the taxpayers’ money, with this pointless investigation.

The Democrats were using this made-up scandal to hurt your presidency and make it impossible for you to do all the great things you promised the American people. Comey was helping their plot by refusing to tell the truth.

Were you just supposed to sit there and let these fabrications keep going?

Yes, Mr. President, you were.

Ramesh Ponnuru is a Bloomberg View columnist.

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