Letters to the Editor

Echoes of WWI

When we went to war with Iraq after 9/11, I was stunned that we’d do something like that and couldn’t believe that responsible world leaders started a war in the middle of a war in Afghanistan, without a smoking gun. We had no obvious justification to go to war, and it turned world sympathy against us, putting a dark cloud over the country since. I thought I was missing something.

As an Air Force Reservist, I spent a month and a half with our unit in Iraq, and as a medic, I saw unspeakable horror that I could not in my heart of hearts justify.

As time passed, I realized I wasn’t missing anything; it was the wrong thing to do, yet we were responsible for fixing the mess, but left the area weak for ISIS to spread and kill innocent people for obviously stupid reasons.

After reading David Ignatius’ Aug. 21 column, “ISIS a threat, but Russia and China are more ominous,” I couldn’t help imagine that the ISIS thing is the smoke of a potential volcanic eruption, fueled by the paranoid Russians and a proud — yet no less ignorant — Chinese government, much like the release of political pressures that unexpectedly erupted into the First World War more than 100 years ago.

I pray I’m wrong and hope that the result of a nuclear and biological war will deter something of that magnitude. But never underestimate the stupidity of politicians.

Paul Steszewski,

Pembroke Pines