Letters to the Editor

Tidy up to control presence of mosquitoes

As a resident of Miami Beach, I believe that human behavior and lack of oversight and consequences thereof are to blame for most of the mosquitoes in our area.

One example is construction sites.

Workers throw their food and drink containers around, don’t pick them up to dispose of them properly and leave tarps and open buckets out to collect rain.

Many contractors and owners don’t control such carelessness of the workers; they just want to get the jobs done as expeditiously as possible.

There should be city inspections of construction sites and fines for the messes which constitute so many of them.

Many houses waiting to be knocked down are fine breeding grounds for mosquitoes, with pools that need to be drained, old garbage cans left open to the rain, plastic bags discarded outdoors, collapsed roofs, etc., all offering a home to mosquitoes.

Residents and visitors of the area toss their food and drink containers on the ground and out of car windows, without a care for the aesthetics or the mosquitoes that can breed in tiny amounts of water.

The palm trees that are the last “landscaping” resort of builders who eat up residential lots almost to the very borders are also largely to blame. Upended palm fronds are excellent water collectors.

If we could all be more considerate of each other and tidy up better after ourselves individually and collectively, it would be possible to better control mosquitoes. .

If not, then the city should impose fines for the bad behavior of ignorant or inconsiderate people.

Hilary Langen,

Miami Beach