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Braman: Raquel Regalado is best in mayoral race

Raquel Regalado speaks to the Miami Herald Editorial Board

Raquel Regalado speaks to the Miami Herald Editorial Board Aug. 10, 2016.
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Raquel Regalado speaks to the Miami Herald Editorial Board Aug. 10, 2016.

I have known and supported Raquel Regalado for many years. She is trustworthy and honest, and cares deeply for the citizens of Miami-Dade County. Working closely with Superintendent Alberto Carvalho and the School Board for the past seven years, Regalado has been instrumental in the development of excellence in our school system.

Unafraid to assert herself when it comes to taxpayer issues, Regalado sued in court and successfully prevented the county from giving $9 million to a private developer who is a major contributor to the campaign of our current mayor — Carlos Gimenez.

One of the most important issues facing our community can be seen when we turn on the news each and every day.

Crime is out of control, with shootings and deaths occurring on a regular basis. Regalado advocates for additional police and has specific ideas to protect the safety of the people of Miami-Dade.

Traffic gridlock continues to be a major public concern. Traffic lights do not function properly, causing standstills at all hours of the day.

Mayor Gimenez now wants to spend $46 million to develop a new system while the county in the past has spent more than $20 million recklessly.

Let us not forget about road work that begins and seems to never be completed. Lobbyists still stand tall at the mayor’s office when contracts for infrastructure and repair are awarded to a favored few at taxpayers’ expense.

All of this must change. We need a mayor who cares about these issues and who has a plan to deal with our everyday problems.

I support Raquel Regalado for mayor because I believe she is the person who will bring positive change to our community.

Norman Braman, Miami