Letters to the Editor

Postal mosquitoes

Over and over I have read articles about the Zika virus and the importance of draining standing water to help stop the reproduction of the mosquitoes that spread this horrible disease.

For the past 6 weeks, or longer, the Snapper Creek Post Office on Southwest 104th Street, across from Miami Dade has had a virtual lake in it's front parking lot. Apparently, the dry well that is suppose to drain this water is not functioning properly.

Where is the Department of Mosquito Control? Why is no one aware of or taking care of this problem?

Finally, on Tuesday, I called 311 to report this situation.

Since we have all been told to empty pots and birdbaths around our houses regularly, it seems to me that this bigger concern, at the post office, needs to be addressed promptly!

Celia S. Kiffor, Miami