Letters to the Editor

Miami invests in summer youth jobs

This summer, the city of Miami is helping a group of young people take a critical early step toward successful futures through the Summer Youth Employment Financial Empowerment program. Not only will participants gain experience in real jobs, they’ll also be empowered to manage the income they earn.

Succeeding in the workplace means understanding how to work well with others and also be self-motivated, communicate with supervisors, and be responsible for the results. Thanks to a newly expanded partnership, these young adults will learn that earning a paycheck also provides opportunities for banking, budgeting and saving.

As part of their Summer Jobs Connect initiative, the Citi Foundation and the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund have provided increased funding across eight cities, including Miami.

One hundred fifty high school students will be placed in meaningful summer employment and will get the opportunity to acquire the critical skills of how to succeed in a job and manage their new paycheck.

Through Miami’s Summer Youth Employment & Financial Empowerment program, the students will work full-time for more than two months in various city departments and will participate in one-on-one sessions with a financial empowerment coach.

This summer marks the city of Miami’s most significant investment in the future of its youth through supporting summer jobs. The city is looking forward to also partnering with the Children’s Trust in future years, to build additional financial empowerment opportunities for Miami’s youth.

We’re proud of this important partnership and look forward to a summer that’s not only a summer job for those who need it most, but a first step into the financial mainstream.

Tomás Pedro Regalado, mayor, Miami

Jonathan Mintz, president & CEO, Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund, Miami