Letters to the Editor

What if we get rid of guns in America?

Would America be OK with passing a law to do away with all guns?

What if only military, law enforcement and certain professions such as security and bodyguards were allowed to carry firearms? Any other civilians would lose their right to carry a gun.

Would this reduce the amount of incidents that result in deadly force? Possibly. That way, if a person is carrying a weapon you would be able to know that more than likely it is illegal.

It would hold both sides more accountable for their actions. An officer would be less likely to need to use deadly force when restraining a person. If they do, there should be a measure of accountability.

I understand that guns are a major business just the way tobacco/cigarettes are. The United States operates mainly on business ethics. Why not ban tobacco if it kills so many people? Money.

Why not ban all guns to citizens who have no issue carrying a weapon? Money.

Let's say that the U.S. can't face the backlash of banning guns completely, at least make it harder to obtain them. Conduct thorough background checks on the people acquiring their licenses to have them.

Omar Mateen was licensed to carry a firearm, but he was also on a no-fly list by the FBI. It makes no sense.

When have you heard about a civilian who was legally carrying a gun protecting him/herself from a police officer and not been killed? A civilian carrying a weapon only endangers them more.

They become a bigger threat to the ones who are paid to protect and serve whether it is justified or not.

In no way am I saying that the detained have the fault and in no way am I saying that the police officers have the fault.

What I'm saying is that there would be less of a threat, in my opinion, for both parties if a civilian is not allowed to carry a firearm.

Sauping R. Arguello,