Letters to the Editor

Mexican jobs

RE the July 13 column by Andres Oppenheimer headlined, Trump’s No. 1 lie about Mexico and U.S. jobs: The author says automation is the driver behind diminishing jobs, not outsourcing, and suggested “better education and job training.”

That’s as general a thought process as Trump talking about building a big, beautiful wall.

In the limited space of a Letter to Editor, here’s something completely different and all encompassing:

A North American Marshall Plan where U.S. and Canada exchange immigration amnesty with Mexico in exchange for Mexico inviting American/Canadian engineers and construction companies across the border with our equipment and resources, to work on infrastructure projects.

To pay for these projects, Mexico would borrow from Carlos Slim, the Mexican/American zillionaire, who through leveraging, would stand to make another fortune. In theory, this is just an idea folks, no worries.

Gary Stein, Sunrise