Letters to the Editor

Pets’ Trust “no kill” campaign

Your lead July 12 editorial, County’s proposed budget healthiest in years, concluded that “there is one group that will find fault” with this budget. That is very misleading.

The Pets’ Trust is happy about some of the items you listed in that editorial, but how can we…or you…be happy that almost 500,000 voters were denied their vote after promises that the vote would be honored

Would you like us to stop defending the rights of what our country is all about? Would you like us to turn a blind eye to how the county plays with the numbers at MDAS?

Should we stop taking photos of how miserable it is outside the shelter for these lost animals?

Perhaps we shouldn’t look at hundreds of thousands of feral cats? Do we make believe that 100 animals coming into the shelter (while every effort is made to limit the intake) is not an issue?

I encourage all of you to read your own editorials of the past few years. You would see that the Pets’ Trust was never about building a new shelter, or “financing” a “no kill” facility. I have attached the original ballot question. The word shelter is not even mentioned. The wording was very specific in using the words “improved animal services” and the attorneys that wrote this language used lower case letters to make sure that this money was not for Miami Dade Animal Services.

But rather for the services for our animals that would help lead the old or new shelter to become a true “no kill” shelter. In other words, this funding was for programs, not salaries as this new MDAS budget is for. I wish you would have challenged Mayor Gimenez when he stated, “nothing seems to placate them.”

You had an easy answer. You could have told him: “Simply honor the will of 500,000 people.” It would be that simple. The Mayor’s use of the word “them” is also you — and 500,000 others.

It is shocking to think the Mayor believes the shelter is the solution.

Does he believe that if everyone purchased new cars, that would solve our traffic problems? We don’t mind being the “one group that will find fault,” but the rest of the story is missing. Honor our votes. Simple answer and we wish you would have challenged him on that.

Michael Rosenberg,

President, Pets’ Trust

& Rita Schwartz, co-founder,