Letters to the Editor

Terrorists attacks

A few days into Ramadan, Omar Mateen, purportedly inspired by ISIS, struck Orlando with a deadly terror attack. The horrors remained unabated as last week mayhem erupted in Turkey, Bangladesh and Baghdad.

For Muslims observing the holiest month, the heartache is insurmountable. How could any one claiming to be a Muslim inflict the gravest crime and kill innocent people?

The fact that Muslims are suffering the greatest casualties at the hands of ISIS demonstrates that the actions of such organizations are antithetical to Islamic ideals, which encompass sanctity of life, just like all other faiths. It is important to admit that ISIS is a metastasized version of al Qaida, Taliban and other remnants of a failed U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and South Asia.

However, that doesn’t absolve the Muslim world of its responsibility to counter the ever increasing vulnerability of its youth to militant organizations. An unwavering commitment to absolute justice by global political and faith leaders is the only way to promote peace.

Mansura Bashir Minhas,

Fort Lauderdale