Letters to the Editor

Two columns on Cuba

Two Cuban issue columns on July 3, one by columnist Fabiola Santiago, American hotel deal with Cuba just helps oppressors, and the other by Mike Fernandez, It’s time for Cuban Americans in Congress to stop playing into Castros’ hands, are both naive and contradictory.

Santiago expresses a disenchantment with the Cuban military hotel deal she supported and calls for a slowdown and reassessment of the relationship, because it is not helping the Cuban people. Really, when supporting rapprochement, did she expect any different from the Cuban dictatorship or Obama initiatives?

While Fernandez places blame on both South Florida Cuban politicians and the Cuban dictatorship for the current state of the relationship, his solution is to remove the embargo.

Useless as it is, lifting the embargo will not help the Cuban people, only the government.

Unlike the South Africa embargo, Cuba trades with the rest of the world and it does not help the Cuban citizen at all.

The only ones denying the Cuban citizens a greater access to an improved economic life is the Cuban dictatorship. It is long overdue for free Cubans to shed their naiveté, least it be called something else.

Calos H. Martinez,

Palmetto Bay