Letters to the Editor

Guns and anger

Violence by guns or any other means is a symptom of anger, and until we deal with the underlying cause, we won’t stop violence.

We all have the capacity to commit violent acts if our buttons are pushed hard enough. But learning to separate the thoughts from the actions takes self-control.

For youth, we need to implement classes in our educational system that address these feelings. Teachers spend more time with students than many parents do and can see the warning signs from a young age. It isn’t enough to send a child to the guidance counselor.

For adults, we need affordable, quality mental health care. Insurance companies need to do their part.

Education, medical treatment, insurance coverage are all in our control if we are willing to spend the time and money to treat the disease that is killing people all over the world.

Until we treat the cause of the disease, the sickness will continue.

Bonnie Crown, Hollywood