Letters to the Editor

Cuban education

The National Association of Cuban-American Educators (NACAE) would like to express disagreement with the tweet that appeared on March 24 and ws attributed to Valerie Jarrett, special assistant to President Obama: “Cuba has an extraordinary resource — a system of education which values every boy and girl.”

The Cuban educational system was designed to foster the creation of “the new man,” one who follows blindly the policies of the communist regime.

In other words, it is a totally politicized system. The younger generations educated under this system are dissatisfied with the state of affairs in the country. They see leaving as the only solution to their lack of a future in which they can think freely and express their opinions without been persecuted. The ethical and moral values of the Cuban youth have deteriorated to the point that lying and stealing are perfectly accepted behaviors, and prostitution is rampant even among university graduates.

Julio Hernández-Miyares, Matilde Álvarez, Eduardo Zayas-Bazán, Orlando Rossardi, Lourdes Zayas-Bazán, Domingo Trujillo, María P. Acosta, Federico R. Justiniani, José A. Madrigal, and Ellen L. Leeder, on behalf of the executive board, NACAE, Miami