Letters to the Editor

Nuclear plant leak

We finally have proof that the Turkey Point nuclear power plant cannot be operated without affecting the ecology surrounding it.

We are now being made aware that when we went swimming this weekend on Elliott Key, we were bathing in radioactive isotope-spiked water. Only after reading the March 8 article, Study confirms FPL nuclear plant canals leaking to Biscayne Bay, did I learn that they are also threatening the well that provides water to the Florida Keys.

FPL knew since 2013 that the increase in reactor energy output was spiking canal water temperatures. Their solution? Blame algae blooms and continue operations. The Department of Environmental Protection’s solution? Allow them to continue. And our county “experts” say they need more studies before they can act.

In the mean time, FPL just got approved to bill customers for construction costs to build another plant. We owe it to our children to put a stop to this man-made environmental disaster that no county, state expert or FPL official can control.

Wilfred Lara,