Letters to the Editor

Airplane seats

Re the Feb. 28 story U.S. senator wants government to set airline seat-size rules: Sen. Charles Schumer wants to require the Federal Aviation Administration to establish seat-size standards for commercial airlines, which he says now force passengers to sit on planes like sardines.

I make my living as flight attendant for a commercial airline. One of the usual complaints I hear from our regular passengers is exactly what Schumer is saying: There isn’t enough leg room. The problem becomes more obvious when the passenger in front of you wants to recline the seat to get some sleep on long flights.

The airlines are always trying to implement changes that they hope the passengers will not notice. Whatever happened to the meals while in flight? Why should passengers be charged for the first piece of luggage?

It’s time for the airlines to stop being so cheap, especially with the low fuel prices that we now have. Let passengers enjoy the once “friendly skies.”

Carmelo “CJ” Cabarcas, Hialeah