Letters to the Editor

Marco Rubio can win

Hope is not a policy, but neither is anger. Voters are rightly incensed at this administration, which has been contemptuous of the Constitution, Congress and critics, spectacularly maladroit diplomatically, frighteningly fiscally irresponsible and completely clueless as to its economy-crippling policies. It will take a Republican president to reverse this country’s current catastrophic course.

Three viable candidates remain. Donald Trump is an utterly un-presidential, boastful bully, seemingly lacking any fixed political positions, long on promises, but short on specifics.

Rigidly conservative, Ted Cruz lacks broader appeal, exhibits minimal capacity for collegiality and has been accused by rival candidates of tolerating unethical campaign tactics.

Marco Rubio is the only one who can win a national election, and deserves to do so. To a nation once again mired in malaise, he offers an aspirational message and serious policy proposals for addressing the staggering problems now facing America.

It’s time for Floridians once again to embrace him.

Richard D. Wilkins,

Boca Raton