Letters to the Editor

Donald Trump and the KKK

Donald Trump’s refusal to immediately condemn David Duke and the white supremacist groups that cheer his candidacy is only the latest disgrace in a campaign filled with callous disregard for humanity. No matter that Trump later demurred, “I disavow” in a belated tweet.

Such a rejection of hate groups and other evil should be immediate and visceral — not calculated. Yet this represents the hallmark and foundation of his political platform.

As the grandson of Holocaust survivors, I hear the haunting echoes of pre-war Germany and the hate-filled path that led to those unimaginable horrors.

I have voted Republican in every single presidential election since the age of 18.

But never will I vote for Trump and never will I support those political opportunists like Chris Christie who have joined Trump’s bandwagon of divisive, racist and nativist bigots.

Avi Oppenheimer,

Boca Raton