Letters to the Editor

Open primary voting

I’m sick of politicians who have forgotten they were mandated to lead, not get re-elected. I’m sick of the impotence I feel when I look at the huge government mess we have all allowed to coalesce before our very eyes.

I have one answer that I’d like to put out there. Every unaffiliated American should register right now to be a member of the political party they least like. Are you left leaning? Register to be a Republican. And when the primaries come, vote.

Vote for the guy that means you the least harm. In our process of closed-party primaries, good candidates stand absolutely no chance of being elected without pandering to the fringe elements. By doing this simple act, we at the center can take back control from the fringes and force politics back to the middle. Our goal should be to make every primary an open one by 2020.

Pat Roberts, Hollywood