Letters to the Editor

Hurrah for Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz has demonstrated time and time again that he is not afraid to take on the Washington establishment — a powerful bipartisan group of insiders and special interests that benefits and grows regardless of the way the public votes, even when the margin of victory is large or when conservatives control both chambers of Congress.

With the Republican Party’s primary now front and center and getting daily headlines and front-page articles in the media, it is past time that Miami learns more about Ted Cruz — the other senator of Cuban descent running for president.

I had every reason to support Senator Rubio instead — he is a well-liked local Republican and my colleague on the faculty at Florida International University (he teaches politics, while I teach business). However, even in an environment where there is overwhelming indirect pressure to get behind one of the local candidates, Ted Cruz’s story and platform break through all the noise.

Cruz is an incredibly talented, principled and unwavering voice for constitutional and limited government. That’s why I’m endorsing him.

Over the next months, I will be helping the Cruz campaign reach more people in Miami-Dade. I will help lead the grassroots-focused campaign that is now taking off in Iowa and other key states.

Manny Roman, Republican activist, Miami