Letters to the Editor

Miami’s water facts

Donald Cohen’s Dec. 2 opinion piece, Think twice about privatizing drinking water, misrepresents the public-private partnership Miami-Dade County is considering.

Under the proposed projects, the public utility would retain ownership of the water system, while a private water company would be responsible for the development and operation of some specific treatment facilities.

The water remains a public good.

I applaud county officials for considering all options to determine the best sustainable solution for Miami-Dade’s water-infrastructure needs.

A public-private partnership offers significant benefits, transferring risk to the private sector, providing greater assurance of regulatory compliance and infusing private capital for infrastructure investment.

There is widespread recognition among experts that public-private partnerships are a proven option for municipalities facing urgent water-infrastructure needs.

Cohen’s organization, In The Public Interest, fails to see the larger picture and instead peddles shortsighted, faulty arguments that fit its ideological biases.

Readers can learn more about private water options at TruthfromtheTap.com.

Michael Deane, executive director, National Association of Water Companies,

Washington, D.C.