Letters to the Editor

Benefits of TPP

I was intrigued reading the Nov. 5 article TPP is a good deal for America.

For the United States, TPP is more than a trade agreement. In 2010 alone, U.S. exports to the Pacific Rim were $320 billion, supporting 850,000 American jobs. Its successful conclusion signals an ongoing commitment to the Asia-Pacific.

However, President Obama and Congress must not forget the close economic ties between the United States and Taiwan. It is important to note that the bilateral trade between the two countries reached $67.4 billion in 2014, making Taiwan the United States’ 10th-largest trading partner. In 2014, Taiwan was Florida’s sixth largest export market in Asia, and exports to Taiwan were $338.1 million, a 24-percent increase from 2013.

Taiwan’s inclusion into the TPP trade pact would benefit Florida, the United States and other members. It would strengthen the economic pillar of the U.S. rebalancing strategy to the Asia Pacific. It would be wise to incorporate Taiwan into the next round of TPP negotiations.

Kent Wang, Research Fellow, The Institute for Taiwan-America Studies, Washington, D.C.