Letters to the Editor

Make trade for Gross

In keeping with world practice, Israel swapped 1,000 political prisoners for three Palestinians in 1985 and 1,027 Palestinians for Israeli Gilad Shalit.

The Glienicke Bridge in Berlin is internationally known for famous political prisoner’s swap since Col. Rudolf Abel was exchanged for U-2 spy plane pilot Gary Powell in 1962, later when 23 American agents were swapped for Polish Agent Marian Zacharski in 1985 and Natan Sharansky plus three agents for Karl Koecher and four of his pals in 1986.

Recently Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller were released from prison in North Korea, to the joy of their families, resulting in less friction between the United States and Korea.

Why do we submit to pressures from a small entrenched group of Cuban Americans who prefer Alan Gross to die in jail in Cuba, rather than to exchange him for three convicted Cuban spies?

Alberto N. Jones, Palm Coast