Letters to the Editor

NRA faces obvious bias from the media

For years, I have watched the liberal media, including the Miami Herald, attack the National Rifle Association so often that the mere mention of the NRA is intended to conjure up some mean-spirited, ignorant organization that is, as the media obviously must know, out on the lunatic fringe with nothing meaningful to add to any debate.

If the media did their homework, they would discover the NRA has counted eight United States presidents as members, including John Kennedy.

It has counted even more vice presidents as members, has included and still includes many governors, mayors, members of the House and Senate, teachers and professors, law-enforcement officers, not to mention about 6 million of us “average” members.

NRA-certified instructors teach gun safety in programs nationwide and conduct programs for the U.S. Olympic team in shooting sports, help train law enforcement officers in the proper use of weapons, hold tournaments on a regular basis for those who enjoy shooting as a hobby and use the “Eddie Eagle” program to help teach youngsters safe practices. The list could go for several more paragraphs.

The NRA is not a bunch of gun nuts running around with the sole purpose of arming the public.

They believe deeply and sincerely in the Second Amendment. Its officers and invited scholars have written articles, books and treatises on the Second Amendment.

It has sponsored surveys and polls on various gun-related issues.

In other words, it does have something intelligent to say when these issues arise. It seems that not a single day passes without at least two or three anti-gun cartoons, editorials, op-eds, or the like are being published.

The Herald’s bias on this issue is clear. However, once in a while, it would be nice to see you publish a real response on the issue.

Steven R. Berger,