Letters to the Editor

Mayor: Senators Rubio and Scott we need action against gun violence

Dear Senators Rubio and Scott:

As mayor of Miami-Dade, the safety and security of all residents has been my top priority since my first day in office. And while a lot has been accomplished to address gun violence in Miami-Dade, the horrific events that took place over the weekend in Texas and Ohio have made it even more imperative for us to take national action to keep our communities safe in the face of repeated gun violence. That is why I am writing you today: to urge you to take action toward enacting sensible gun laws and making greater investments in mental health.

Some areas I believe to be the most critical in making a significant impact include the following:

Instituting universal background checks for all gun sales and transfers; expanding screening for prohibited buyers to include persons with violent mental health history; seeking national “Red Flag” measures to prevent guns from reaching persons who threaten violence and murder; limiting the purchase of assault weapons and encouraging stiffer penalties for illegal guns; limiting magazine capacity; regulating internet ammunition sales requiring in-person transactions and records of sales; closing both gun show and internet loopholes; preventing known terrorists from purchasing firearms and/or ammunition and licensing ammunition vendors.

I want to be clear that I am proposing that all of the above measures be taken within the framework of the Second Amendment. Because while the Second Amendment provides Americans with the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, that right comes with great responsibility.

Senators, I stand ready to support you as we work together to strike a proper balance that will make our communities safer for this generation and future generations to come.

Carlos A. Gimenez

Miami-Dade mayor