Letters to the Editor

Preserve architecture

As Coral Gables residents, homeowners, taxpayers and the parents of a child attending Coral Gables Elementary, we were appalled to read of the School Board’s total disregard for Coral Gables’ right and responsibility to protect historically designated buildings.

Coral Gables Elementary is one of the crown jewels in our city and must be protected, windows and all. Property values are closely tied to the city’s historic buildings, tree canopy, regulations and overall character. This is why we bought a home in Coral Gables and remain dedicated to protecting it from those with little regard for its legacy.

We need our School Board to work closely with Coral Gables to insure that upgrades to the school are completed in an appropriate manner, in compliance with all city historical regulations. To do otherwise will permanently damage one of our most treasured buildings, built in 1921 and since 1988, on the National Register of Historic Places.

Respect for history, beauty and the rule of law are tenets that our children need to learn at school. It is our hope and expectation that the school district will teach by example.

Bruce Lecure and Jorey Friedman, Coral Gables