Letters to the Editor

A place for refugees

Before America bombed the Syrian-Turkish border recently, around 100,000 Syrian refugees crossed into southern Turkey. Over the past months, border crossings between Syria and Turkey have been limited. As horrible as the attacks are, one may say that there is some good developing out of it since now innocent Syrians are acquiring the chance to leave.

One may argue that I’m implying foreign interventionism, but only if it means the helping of innocent lives and preventing unnecessary harm. As a Westerner, I’m aware that I’ll never be able to fully comprehend certain ideologies. However, when it comes to the lives of innocent people, I’m certain that particular ideologies should be dismissed. Germany has taken in most of the Syrian refugees, some will stay in the forests of Turkey, and some may end up traveling to the UK or the United States. Any country will develop economic, political, and social implications if 100,000 people came into their country at once. Nevertheless, it’s in the best interest for all nations to agree that this as an international issue, not just a problem for neighboring states.

Jane M. Curry, Pompano Beach