Letters to the Editor

Bilingual skills

The May 26 article The uncertain future of español in class, succinctly lays out the travails of several parents who believe their children aren’t being properly prepared to compete in the job market after graduation.

That said, the need to make minority students — especially African-American students — bilingual is of the utmost importance. Educators should make every effort to find a cost-effective way to teach our students the skills necessary for their success.

Miami-Dade County’s importance in the global economy and its proximity and cultural affinity to Latin America make it a no-brainer that the school district must make sure that our students are given the opportunity to be competitive in the workplace and business arena.

It has become increasingly clear in this age of computer literacy and our dependence on the Internet that methods of teaching a second language could be linked so that all students have access to becoming bi-literate and bilingual.

We urge Superintendent Alberto Carvalho and Miami-Dade School Board members to make this important investment in our children and their future.

Stephen Hunter Johnson, chair, Miami-Dade County Black Affairs Advisory Board, Miami