Letters to the Editor

Don’t extend State Road 836, do this instead

Like many others who grew up in Miami, I wish to grow old here.

That’s why Miami-Dade County needs to do better to morph into a place worthy of growing old in, which, as it happens, means morphing into a better place to live for everyone.

It’s not too much to ask to have walkable, bike-able, transit-served neighborhoods for everyone. In 2015, then-incoming Department of Transit and Public Works Director Alice Bravo, said that Miami-Dade could become a car-optional city.

Years later, we have hardly started.

On June 20, the county commissioners will be voting on whether to extend State Road 836, with the idea that additional car infrastructure will alleviate congestion for the residents of West Kendall when they cross town to their jobs.

This is a bad idea; if Dade County is to morph toward a car-optional city, spending more public money toward car infrastructure and promoting suburban sprawl are the opposite of what needs to happen.

Instead, do this:

Heavily invest in implementing the SmartPlan, with accessible, efficient transit along mixed use, beautiful boulevards.

Suburban strip shopping centers and the like could be redesigned as town centers and main street mixed-use buildings, which would also encourage walking and biking trips.

Those who live in West Kendall (and everyone) could find local jobs, and efficiently take transit to work.

Heavily invest in bike- and people-friendly, shaded streets everywhere.

Have a campaign to encourage biking, walking, and transit.

Change the zoning codes to allow the next generation of corner stores (electric charging stations, Walgreens/CVS) everywhere to be designed compatibly with walkable neighborhoods.

Mari Chael,

South Miami