Letters to the Editor

Not a care in the world

The fact that someone has done something unjust or dishonest is no justification for acting in a similar way — or worse. President Trump and Attorney General Sessions apparently don’t understand that. Just because a parent enters the U.S. illegally, there is no rationale for this nation to commit egregious acts of child abuse by taking the child from the parent as a presumed means of preventing others from entering illegally. There is no equivalence here.

Yes, laws were broken. Then get prepared with the staff to handle the issue. Don’t inflict trauma on innocent children.

Perhaps these so-called leaders have not made the effort to understand the effects of such trauma on these children and the potential long-term damage to their mental and physical health. Worse, they don’t seem to care.

Wil Blechman,


Bridge of dreams

The Herald’s June 14 online article, “FIU had grand plans for ‘signature’ bridge. But the design had a key mistake, experts say,” implied that the university’s ambition was the fatal flaw leading to the structure’s failure.

The ancient Greeks taught that excessive pride and confidence lead to downfall, but FIU’s well-placed ambition is to provide all Miamians a bridge to overcome obstacles to their success — whether a busy road or blinding poverty.

The project was not just “a darn pedestrian bridge.” Its design vision was built upon the same values that under-gird everything FIU does, which is, provide the highest quality teaching and research opportunities to the greatest number and variety of people as possible. FIU is a well-constructed bridge for social and economic mobility.

Interestingly, the Herald article itself contained a fatal flaw undermining its thesis. A photo of the UM Pedestrian Bridge was offered as evidence that a simpler design would have worked just as well for FIU. Examine the photo: students are walking across the busy highway under the bridge.

Stephanie Doscher,


The great divide

In today’s America, had Joseph and Mary crossed the U.S.-Mexico border fleeing death threats, Jesus would have been ripped from Mary’s arms, and his migrant parents would have been detained and denied asylum.

Margaret McCaffery,


Opposing expansion

Re the June 15 op-ed, written by Mayor Gimenez, “Expanded 836 would not harm Everglades.” Expanding the 836 is the beginning of the slippery slope for more development past the UDB, further aggravating traffic issues. It happened in Broward and anyone who thinks it won’t happen here is naive.

Research also shows that creating more roads induces more demand, thus creating more traffic. The quiet communities on the edge of the planned road will be devastated by the increased traffic trying to access the expansion. For those reasons, and as a West Kendall resident, I oppose the expansion.

Jimmy Zapata, Miami

Trump and Un

If President Obama had bestowed on Castro even half of the compliments Trump gave to Kim Jong Un, the sound of Republican neck veins popping would be deafening.

Lourdes Agostini, Miami

Paths of hope

When President Dwight Eisenhower was president of Columbia University, he received a complaint that the students were not walking on the campus paths and were destroying the grass. He replied, “‘Why not put the paths where they want to walk?’”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions justifies border arrests and separation of children from their parents by saying that immigrants should go to proper entry points to our country. Why not put the entry points where desperate people want to enter?

Rev. John F. Stanton,


Raw deal

Either the Herald story about Jose Alfonso, the police officer terminated for “threatening to shoot all attorneys” is missing details, or it seems that his firing was pretty hasty.

If he was indeed a career police officer with a good record, perhaps he is undergoing a personal situation that is more than he can handle now, and he should have been placed on leave to get some help.

Now he is a man going through a bad divorce and has no job. There’s a real recipe for disaster.

Barbara Parker,

Palmetto Bay

Not his brother

Re the June 15 story, “Parkland shooter’s brother gets behind 24/7 anti-bullying hotline and nonprofit.” I am proud of Zachary Cruz for exposing himself to criticism and haters.

All other movements trying to prevent these massacres are valid but, as Zachary stated, “... our schools all across the country have ticking time bombs in them. Bullying leads to abuse and violence, and that leads to isolation.” What a true statement.

Nothing justifies what these deranged shooters do, but feeling isolated, ignored and derided as misfits is a big part of their mindsets to commit these crimes. I wish Zachary good luck, for addressing this problem and for his courage to do something about it.

Miriam B Salazar,


Messing with nature

I ask the Miami-Dade County Commissioners to please vote against the 836 expansion. Whether or not it alleviates traffic, it will further the destruction of the Everglades, eventually leading to the inability of the ecosystem to support life in South Florida, and not just the wildlife.

The Everglades is the repository of our drinking water. It already is challenged by rising sea levels and salt water intrusion and now those in charge are looking to reduce the surface area. How short sighted. And in the end, rather than alleviate traffic, this road will encourage more development leading to more traffic.

I have no children or grandchildren and always wonder if people don’t consider the kind of world theirs will inherit if they continue to treat the earth with so little respect.

Linda Conner,


Broken promises

The plans to expand the 836 expressway for West Kendall residents is a slap in the face to all other Miami-Dade communities, which were promised years and years ago the expansion of Metrorail to alleviate the traffic issues in their communities.

We have been paying an additional half penny since 2003. That’s 15 years of increased taxes and a whole lot of broken promises.

On top of that, we’re told to believe that this 836 expansion is not the beginning of further development past the UDB and that it won’t damage our fragile ecosystem and Everglades restoration. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...

Rosalina Ruiz,

Cutler Bay